King’s Lynn Stars host Swindon and target play-offs

King's Lynn 'Roger Warnes Transport' Stars ready for the start of the 2014 Elite League season. Rory Schlein ANL-140316-192356002
King's Lynn 'Roger Warnes Transport' Stars ready for the start of the 2014 Elite League season. Rory Schlein ANL-140316-192356002
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King’s Lynn Stars tomorrow host third-place Elite League side Swindon at the Adrian Flux Arena aiming to move closer to the play-off spots.

The Roger Warnes Transport Stars, just beginning the second half of the season, have won three out of their last four meetings and sit in sixth place.

They are six points off Lakeside, who occupy the last of the play-off places, but Lynn have four meetings in hand over the Hammers.

The reshuffled side have been boosted by the return from injury of Australian skipper Rory Schlein.

He said of the effect of the team change which sees Schlein back in the side at the expense of Mads Korneliussen: “Whether it was the right one or not, it was definitely a gamble, but the change has given us a different feeling.

“It has lit a bit of a fire under everyone’s backsides.

“We all get on and we have just got to keep battling away, it’s as simple as that.”

The 31-year-old could have called it a day after two serious injuries in the past year, but added: “That decision would have been mine, and mine alone.

“I felt pretty comfortable and I felt okay, and I thought I would give it a go.”

As well as another crash on Thursday – which he emerged pretty much unscathed from – Schlein was excluded for leaving the track at the start of Heat 14.

He commented: “I understand the rules about going into the infield but you’re allowed to go back and the start marshal to lift the tapes up.

“I did go on the kerb, but the reason I did that was the three guys were on gates one, two and three. So I’m just trying to avoid them, you know.

“It’s a shame, really, because Josh Auty (Leicester rider) went on the infield earlier in the night. He went on the infield for no purpose.

“Nothing against Josh, and he got away with it, but unfortunately we’ve got a problem with consistency.”

l King’s Lynn’s trip to Leicester was postponed just minutes before the scheduled start time on Saturday – much to the frustration of Dale Allitt.

The promoter had spent many hours earlier in the day working on a last minute replacement for the injured Simon Lambert following the withdrawal of original guest booking Josh Bates.

But his hard work and efforts were to no avail as officials agreed to call the meeting off.

“There wasn’t any rain forecast then they had a big rain shower a couple of hours before the meeting was due to start,” Allitt explained.

“The track was very wet and sludgy and it was obvious it needed some remedial work.

“The plan was to blade it off and put some fresh dirt on but another downpour not long after seven o’clock made it impossible really.

“Rain-offs are always frustrating whenever they happen but when you’re actually at the track and everyone is ready to see some racing it makes them even worse.

“It’s a shame for everyone, particularly our supporters who made the journey, but there’s not much anybody can do about the weather unfortunately.

“We now turn our attentions to Wednesday against Swindon at The Adrian Flux Arena where another win is the target to move us closer to those play-off spots.”