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King's Lynn martial arts school holds black belt grading

The Lynn-based Kuk Sool Won traditional Korean martial arts school held a junior, youth and adult advanced black belt grading.

The black belt candidates were graded for two hours on the core syllabus of kuk sool won and students were required to demonstrate all the self-defence techniques.

Each belt has a set of specific techniques. All have different wrist grabs, clothing grabs, blocking an attack and counter striking, grabs from behind and self-defence from the floor.

Kuk sool won black belt grading. (16111408)
Kuk sool won black belt grading. (16111408)

Students showed off their throwing, joint locking and striking skills before moving on to empty hand forms or patterns.

Black belt students had another hour on this.

Students grading for Kyo Sa Nim (2nd dan) and Bu Sa Bum Nim (3rd dan) also had to demonstrate all their self-defence techniques from white belt to the latest sets, including specific pressure point grabbing techniques and rope tying and walking stick techniques.

These students then demonstrated their empty hand forms.

Kuk sool won is a varied martial arts system, not just kicking and punching, and is well suited to people of all ages.

To book your free introduction session call school owners Darren and Marie Brown on 07545239300 or 07957961877 or visit: www.kuksoolwonofkingslynn.co.uk

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