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King's Lynn Stars boss urges speedway bosses: 'Act now so we can race in 2021'

King’s Lynn Stars team boss Peter Schroeck says speedway “will be happening” next year - but only if the sport is proactive.

He believes current efforts by promoters to get racing properly up and running must make headway to ensure recovery from a disastrous coronavirus-hit 2020.

League action was postponed this year, with only a few individual meetings taking place and just a handful in front of crowds, including at Lynn.

Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)
Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)

Speedway “cannot afford” this situation to continue into 2021, Schroeck says.

The club has made recent press release references to a delayed April start next term, but Schroeck pointed out no ‘nods or winks’ have been given from official or governmental sources so far; it's a common-sense approach.

Schroeck explained: “We haven’t been (given any hints), but when you’re in this situation you can’t just wait and see.

“You have got to have a bit of positivity otherwise we’ll get to April and then go: What now? We need to be positive and that is why the promoters have been meeting.

“It’s no good saying ‘oh we have to wait for the Prime Minister to say when we can turn left or right’. We have to use a bit of common sense. Now the elections are over in the USA and suddenly you’ve got all the vaccines coming through.

“You like to think everybody is going to get back to a bit of normality. We’re quietly confident and we can’t afford to go into doom and gloom otherwise we start to get into depression.

“That’s why promoters have been planning and are starting to get something on paper.”

The Stars manager stressed social distancing can be effective: “Speedway will be happening next year because we can’t afford not to. We can’t carry on like this.

“I think we’re positive over what’s going on with the vaccines and all else that’s out there. We know a lot more about it now. There’s a lot more positivity than negativity.

“For the amount of people that come to speedway and with the stadiums that we’ve got, if we do it the right way with people not sitting on top of each other; there are certain things which we aren’t able to do but it’ll be okay.

“If we haven’t got a plan it will be no good but I’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash.”

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