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King's Lynn Stars suffer another night of problems during Wolverhampton defeat

Nearly everything that could go wrong did for King’s Lynn Stars who made it two defeats out of two with a 32-58 loss to Wolverhampton.

The Minors and Brady Stars, who had opened their delayed 2021 Premiership speedway campaign with a home derby defeat to Ipswich last week, conceded four 5-1 maximums in the first ten heats to go 20-40 behind at the interval.

By this time they’d suffered four retirements against Wolves, who were making their bow this season.

Thomas Jorgensen waiting for the meeting to start.. (47284426)
Thomas Jorgensen waiting for the meeting to start.. (47284426)

Lynn began badly for the second time this season, going 8-16 behind after four races.

Australian Ty Proctor won the then-Elite League top flight title for Wolverhampton Wolves in 2009, and he retired in the opening race which was won by Sam Masters from Lynn’s Craig Cook and Luke Becker of Wolves.

A 2-4 was followed by a 1-5 as home Rising Star Ryan Kinsley made a great start but winner Broc Nicol and Tom Bacon passed him after the first corner, while Lewis Bridger became the second home rider to retire.

Lynn’s Dane Thomas Jorgensen burst through the Heat 3 tapes, and took a 15-metre penalty. He ended in last place behind winner Ryan Douglas, Stars captain Lewis Kerr and Nick Morris.

Heat 4 was awarded as a first shared 3-3 race due to Bacon's engine failure which caused his bike to tangle with Kinsley’s and left the latter on the floor needing treatment.

Kerr was the hosts’ first race winner which enabled them to pick up their opening heat win in the fifth outing, heading Masters, Jorgensen and Becker. Kerr’s time - 59.28 seconds - was the home team’s fastest of the night.

Heat 6 saw reserve Nicol and Rory Schlein bag the visitors’ second maximum, with Cook joining the list of retirements.

Former Lynn skipper Schlein rode at the Adrian Flux Arena between 2013 and 2016 and recovered from a horrific back injury, while Masters briefly also appeared in Lynn colours.

Kerr immediately replaced Bridger as a tactical substitute and the Dersingham pro led until Nick Morris passed him on lap two in an away 2-4 to make the scores 15-27.

In an eventful Heat 8 Bridger, who had come in for Kinsley on a reserve switch, went down with a suspected puncture. In a USA one-two Becker headed Nicol, who had replaced Bacon who was a tapes-offender.

Jorgensen became just Lynn’s second heat winner in the ninth outing, passing Nicol on turn two of the final lap, but Morris and Douglas slammed in another maximum as Cook retired again prior to the break.

Jorgensen was candid in an interval interview.

He stated: “I just want to get a start. We need to pull our fingers out and get some scores.”

There was no respite afterwards: Bridger retired and Jorgensen’s engine failed in successive heats to confirm an away victory with two more 1-5 results.

Riss finished second in Heat 13 to end this sequence while Cook continued to struggle at the rear.

Lynn salvaged some pride with successive heat advantages to close out an embarrassing evening. Bridger won Heat 14 while Jorgensen sped out of the gate and won the nominated final outing, with Becker ahead of Riss, and Morris withdrawing.

King's Lynn Stars: Craig Cook 2, Ty Proctor 3, Thomas Jorgensen 7, Lewis Kerr (capt.) 8, Erik Riss 6, Lewis Bridger 3, Ryan Kinsley 3+1.

Wolverhampton: Sam Masters 10+1, Luke Becker 9, Nick Morris 9+1, Ryan Douglas 8+1, Rory Schlein (capt.) 7+2, Broc Nicol 13+1, Tom Bacon 2+1.

Heat details

Heat 1 - Masters, Cook, Becker, Proctor (retired); 2-4

H2 - Nicol, Bacon, Kinsley, Bridger (ret.) 1-5 (3-9)

H3 - Douglas, Kerr, Morris, Jorgensen (15m penalty); 2-4 (5-13)

H4 - awarded: Schlein, Riss, Kinsley, Bacon (fell); 3-3 (8-16)

H5 - Kerr, Masters, Jorgensen, Becker; 4-2 (12-18)

H6 - Nicol, Schlein, Proctor, Cook (ret.); 1-5 (13-23)

H7 - Morris, Kerr, Douglas, Riss; 2-4 (15-27)

H8 - Becker, Nicol, Proctor, Bridger (f.exc.); 1-5 (16-32).

H9 - Jorgensen, Nicol, Schlein, Kerr; 3-3 (19-35).

H10 - Morris, Douglas, Proctor, Cook (ret.); 1-5 (20-40 interval).

H11 - Becker, Masters, Riss, Bridger (ret.); 1-5 (21-45).

H12 - Nicol, Morris, Kinsley, Jorgensen (ret.); 1-5 (22-50).

H13 - Masters, Riss, Schlein, Cook; 2-4 (24-54).

H14 - awarded: Bridger, Douglas, Kerr, Bacon (fell); 4-2 (28-56).

H15 - Jorgensen, Becker, Riss, Morris (ret.); 4-2 (32-58)

Lynn travel away to Ipswich next Thursday in a return clash.

Next week’s fixtures, 7.30pm unless stated, Bank Holiday Monday: Belle Vue v Peterborough (noon), Wolverhampton v Ipswich, Peterborough v Belle Vue; Thursday: Ipswich v King's Lynn, Sheffield v Wolverhampton.

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