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King's Lynn rider alters fitness regime after announcing comeback

King’s Lynn Stars racer Lewis Bridger has altered his fitness regime after deciding to make a comeback.

Bridger was lifting weights six times per week as part of his previous training schedule but that has now gone out of the window since he has returned to the shale sport because he needs to lose some mass.

Training and weight control is a delicate balance: shed too much muscle and a speedway rider may lose too much strength or is liable to fall ill.

Peterborough Panthers press day at Alwalton Lewis Bridger. (44417275)
Peterborough Panthers press day at Alwalton Lewis Bridger. (44417275)

The Minors and Brady Stars newbie has set himself a target: “I am aiming to start the season at 78 kilos – if I get to 68-70 I feel ill – and am also being fitted for a race suit on the first of March.”

Since making his decision to return, the 31-year-old has been eating around 3000kcal per day while “running two half marathons a week with some shorter higher intensity runs and a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and circuits.”

He uses a variety of equipment including kettle bells and plyometric training equipment like ropes which are used to increase power; and is put through his paces by his partner, Eliza Petrova, a personal trainer.

Bridger commented: “I’ve dropped from 90 to 85-and-a-half kilos in three weeks doing HIIT circuits, boxing training and runs: three to five miles, three or four days per week.

“We’re limited at the moment to what we can do (due to Covid). Just going out running is not good for the body so I’ve limited it to interval runs.”

Fellow Star Thomas Jorgensen, who hopes to be back racing with Lynn this year, has also spoken about his ideal weight on a bike (see Tuesday’s Lynn News) while Bridger confirmed there are real perils if a rider loses too much ‘timber’.

“When I got down to 68 kilos, on some tracks I felt like a passenger on a bike,” Bridger added.

“It’s probably a disadvantage on the continent. At Belle Vue you’d probably get something out of it but you won’t be competitive on a deep Monday night at Wolverhampton. Look at Joe Screen: he was smoking guys half his weight.

“I was speaking to Craig Cook (Bridger’s new Stars team-mate) at Cardiff a few years ago and he was hating his life trying to get down to 58 kilos.

“You end up looking like a skeleton. It is a balancing act.”

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