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Fitness proves a balancing act for King's Lynn rider

“Too tall” Thomas Jorgensen feels fitness is a finer balancing act compared to most other speedway riders.

The Lincolnshire-based King’s Lynn racer from Denmark is aiming to be back in a Stars jacket for 2021.

Speedway riders are like super-strong jockeys, so being tall and/or too heavy is a distinct disadvantage.

Thomas Jorgensen (40207346)
Thomas Jorgensen (40207346)

Ideally a rider should be compact with a lower centre of gravity so they sit snugly with good balance on a bike. If you want to switch sports, think Sergio Aguero.

The Argentinian footballing hot shot from Manchester City has a recorded height of 1.73m (5ft 8in).

If you want to go old school, think Aguero’s fellow strikers Kevin Keegan or Gerd Muller.

Jorgensen’s Danish compatriot Nicki Pedersen is probably an ideal build for a shale racer and has the world titles to back up this claim (the fact the former Star is a superb competitor and racer doesn’t hurt, either!).

The Minors and Brady Stars favourite said: “It’s a bit of a disadvantage being tall and having the extra weight as well.

"I’m a little heavier than most riders.

“Because of how I’m built I just have to work a little harder than most.

"For riding I just set the bike up slightly differently to other riders.

“It’s a bit harder being heavier: Bartosz Zmarzlik (Polish ace who is the current world champion) is 20kg lower than me.

“I’m 68 kilos in race weight and during the season that goes down to 67kg. Anything lower than that and I feel ill.”

Individual injury issues are also a factor, as Danish ace Jorgensen points out: “I strengthen my core and upper body so as not to pop my shoulder,” the 28-year-old added.

“To help get myself fit I am doing mountain biking which is more intense and is much better (than road bikes).

“It is good for your balance and core.

“It’s very good for speedway and getting your heart into the ‘red zone’ and doing intervals and going up and down the gears. I want to protect my shoulder.”

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