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King's Lynn will make more captaincy changes between now and the end of the season

King’s Lynn team boss Alex Brady revealed Stars away fans can expect to see more captaincy changes over the remainder of the Premiership speedway campaign.

Brady explained why Thomas Jorgensen was skipper instead of 2021 captain Lewis Kerr who top-scored with paid 15 points at Thursday’s home closer against Sheffield .

The Stars’ chief said: “We felt over the last few meetings of the season we would try something slightly different, perhaps looking at riders who are going to be here next year, not saying that Lewi won’t be, of course.

New Stars boss, Alex Brady. (49487474)
New Stars boss, Alex Brady. (49487474)

“We’re going to mix it up so you’ll see a different captain again on Monday at Belle Vue, and you’ll see a different captain at Peterborough (September 23) and again at Sheffield (September 26) at the end of the season.

“We’re just giving everyone a chance. Lewi has decided to do his thing and it gives some more responsibility to some riders who perhaps haven’t had that so far. It certainly brought the best out of Thomas as a leader in the pits tonight. His on-track scores didn’t quite show that, as best he would like, but it gives Lewi a chance to focus on his own racing which again paid dividends.

“He’s been brilliant since the day he walked through the door. If I could relieve a bit of pressure off him by doing this then I’m happy to do so. I’m really pleased with him because he had a bit of a sticky patch a few weeks ago but he certainly put the record straight tonight.”

Brady booked former Lynn rider Craig Cook last night (Monday) at Belle Vue to cover for the injured Richard Lawson who with Jorgensen was unveiled as the first signings for 2022 during Thursday’s 45-45 comeback draw versus Sheffield.

Brady commented on a scarcity of guests: “It’s difficult because on Monday night when we go to Belle Vue there’s Wolverhampton v Peterborough, so that rules those two out, and we can only pick our guests from Sheffield, ironically, and Ipswich.

“We’ll find somebody from that and plug in the gaps. When we go to Peterborough they’ll be in a similar position because Ulrich (Ostergaard) is obviously still injured and I’m led to believe there will possibly be another gap as well.

“It’s going to be difficult but we’ll find the right people and if not, rider replacement it’ll have to be.”

On another home draw he said: “It is quite disappointing we can’t quite get over the line to win these ones and a draw was probably fair overall. Obviously Adam Ellis had his crash in Heat 13. It would have been lovely to finish with a win.

“I felt like Tofty (guest Michael Palm Toft, second in Heat 15) would have the speed to perhaps catch up with (Josh) Pickering but it wasn’t to be.

“There was some excellent racing, big support again, so we couldn’t really ask for much more other than that crucial win.

“We were chasing our tails a lot and I would say overall, quite pleased. We’ve still got three to go away, but the home season’s finished.”

Brady confirmed Lawson had a broken collarbone and fractured shoulder from his recent spill at Wolves and was due out of hospital last Friday, adding: “He’s gutted he couldn’t be here tonight, otherwise he would be here, injury permitting.”

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