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Mentality matters most for speedway riders, says King's Lynn boss

King’s Lynn Stars team boss Peter Schroeck believes mentality makes up the most important part of a top-notch speedway rider.

The Lynn News has spoken to personnel at the Adrian Flux Arena about the qualities needed to make it as a Premiership racer in the British league.

Schroeck said a contributing factor is the brief nature of actual race action for one individual in a team.

Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)
Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)

He went on: “I would say around 90 per cent of it is in the head half of the time.

“A lot of it is psychological as you’ve got a minute on the track (at a time) and it can be five minutes of work.

“It’s a big tension and you know when things don’t go right in the first race you really have to pull yourself together.

Nick Porsing made a return to the King's Lynn Stars.. (14307145)
Nick Porsing made a return to the King's Lynn Stars.. (14307145)

“In a speedway meeting you only get five minutes to show what you’re made of.”

Another big factor is fitness, which is much more professional now compared to when he competed in the 1980s and 1990s, the manager added:

“Fitness is a big thing nowadays,” Schroeck continued.

“In the days when I rode you’d smoke a fag on a break but those days are gone. These boys that race today are not just sportsmen, they’re athletes. Like footballers, they’re out every day either running or cycling and they keep in top shape.”

He added on preparation: “If you’ve got the nicest gear and tools they’re no good on their own.

“Of course your bikes have got to be alright - that’s part of you being professional, with your mechanics and all the other stuff.

“It still remains that you’ve got five minutes to earn your money. Travelling, food and nutrition nowadays, you have to keep everything going.”

On eating and refuelling regimes, Schroeck stated: “It’s something you have to deal with in your own way.

“My daughter is a nutritionist and dietician and does a few things for some people.

“There is only a little time you can get together for a one-on-one as riders are scattered all over the country and it’s very hard to put something together for a team.

“At the start of the season you can have a couple of sessions but it’s very much up to them to keep up with fitness and nutrition afterwards.”

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