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Milder weather sees carp on the feed at West Norfolk venues

As the weather starts to warm up, carp are starting to feed, writes Darren Reed.

Although the water temperatures remain considerably cold, carp and bream are starting to show on the lakes.

Springside saw an improved week with carp to 13lbs appearing on the method feeder when presenting a pellet as a hook bait.

Tench to 6lbs have started to show around the margins, about a rod length out on the waggler, when offered single maggot on the hook.

The best baits for sport this week have included pellet, maggot and corn.

At Shepherd’s Port, on Bear Lake, carp to 14lb have shown on the method feeder.

Multiple catches are being frequently reported when offering pellet, match style boilies and corn.

On Queen’s Lake, good bream catches have been recorded.

Bream to 6lbs have put in an appearance on the traditional bream style feeder tactics, when alternating between worm and maggot on the hook.

Quality roach and rudd have also been snapped up on the short pole line or waggler .

Shepherd’s Lake has seen carp to 17lbs on carp tactics when offered boilies on a hair rig.

The odd bream to 5lbs have also put in an appearance on the tip when offered worm or maggot.

Chub to 3lbs 8ozs have started to feed on the carp baits used.

The odd roach and rudd have fallen on the waggler and pole when offered pinkie caster and maggot.

Tottenhill has witnessed carp to 11lbs 10ozs when using the method feeder.

Bream to 4lbs 8ozs have also put in an appearance to the baits on offer.

Pole anglers have enjoyed some rewards on the lakes, but the method feeder has proved more successful in attracting the fish to feed.

Roach and skimmers have shown on the waggler when offered maggot and caster.

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