All King’s Lynn area lakes producing quality carp catches

Les Allen
Les Allen
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By Darren Reed

The last week has seen a few more anglers on the lakes.

A lot of hungry carp are starting to take the baits that have been offered and a variety of methods are being used to attract the fish.

Springside: The odd tench to 3lb are now starting to show in and around the margin swims, carp to 14lb have been recorded from anglers fishing both traditional carp style feeder tactics and the match style method feeders.

Corn and boillies have been the more successful baits to secure a few fish.

Roach and rudd are also feeding well when targeted on the pole, whip and waggler when offering caster, maggot and bread as a hook bait.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches are now being frequently reported, although no big fish. Many around the 7lb mark are showing on the baits being offered, method feeder is again proving the pick of the crop when presenting either corn or pellet as a hook bait.

Queen’s Lake: Bream to 7lb are showing on traditional bream style tactics, this method also produces the odd skimmers, too.

Maggot is the more preferred bait when targeting the bream.

Roach and rudd to 12oz are also showing well when fished for, maggot, pinkie and caster all providing the rewards for the pole, whip and waggler.

Shepherd’s Lake. Local rod Les Allen is displaying one of his catches during his first visit of the new season (pictured) a 11lb common.

Carp to 15lb have been showing to the traditional carp style anglers when offering boillies as a hook bait. Pellets have also been effective when targeting the carp.

Bream to 5lb have been showing on the tip when using a cage feeder loaded with groundbait and maggot, and presenting maggot on the hook. Chub to 3lb have also been feeding, taking a liking to the carp baits that have been offered.

Roach and rudd have also been actively feeding on the pole, and waggler.

Tottenhill, carp have been more positive to respond to some of the baits that have been offered. Boillie, meat, pellet and corn have all been used with some success.

Carp to 10lb 4oz have been reported from anglers on the method feeder.

Odd bream to 4lb 9 oz have also shown on the pole and the tip.