Boughens show good breeding at New King’s Lynn club

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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By Kevin Mason

New Lynn Racing Pigeon Club had 11 members send 156 birds to Newbury, and released at 0945 hrs in a NNE wind.

Two races gone and both went to Bluey and son Leighton Boughen when their 3 year old, bred the same way as their first winner from Village Lad, took 2hrs 43 mins to fly the 115 miles. The winner was well fancied taking the first pools and the nom. 2nd pools went to Peter and Dave Ellwood.

Result: 1, 3, 5 Bluey and Leighton Boughen, 1243, 1213.4, 1211; 2 Timmy Simper, 1239; 4, 6 Pat and Julie Royle, 1213.3, 1206.

Lynn North R.F.C. had seven members send 63 birds to Whitby. Snettisham’s John Purcell and Sam Denton went one better this week taking the top spot when their yearling took 1hr 49 mins to 121 miles, after taking second the week before.

Result: 1 John Purcell and Sam Denton, 1934; 2, 3 Her Majesty the Queen, 1834, 1751; 4, 6 Phil and Wayne Vincent, 1637.66, 1636; 5 Reggie Madder, 1637.65.

Gaywood had four lofts send 68 birds to Newbury. Rod and Gloria Ogden won the first six in the club the week before, took the first two this week with Janssens and both birds taking 2hrs 27 mins to fly 108 miles.

Result: 1, 2, 5 Rod and Gloria Ogden & Sons, 1289, 1288, 1267; 2, 3, 6 Rodney Cochrane, 1282, 1281, 1256.

Clenchwarton (south) raced from Newbury when five members sent 108 birds. Another good race for Rod and Gloria when their birds took 2hrs 26 mins to fly 108 miles, and are expected to top the Fens Fed with their top three birds.

Result: 1, 2, 3 Rod & Gloria Ogden and Sons, 1300 (two birds) 1299; 4, 5 Pete and Dave Ellwood, 1202, 1199; 6 George and Ian Dye, 1194.

Clenchwarton (north) had six lofts send 73 birds to Whitby. The top bird flew to the lofts of Ted and Sandra Scott, and took 1hr 56 mins to fly the 130 miles.

Result: 1 Ted and Sandra Scott, 1970; 2, 3 Dale and Neil Dennis, 1803, 1753; 4, 5 Gerry Knights & Sons, 1718, 1712; 6 George Moon, 1664.

Fens S.R.Federation held their first race of 2016 from Bovingdon when eight clubs sent 1,474 birds. Rod and Gloria Ogden were the only local fanciers to get in the result, when only one bird beat them. They took second to fifth.

Wereham raced from Newbury when seven sent 119 birds. Shaun Ewing had a Soontjen yearling take the red card. Shaun’s winner had previously topped the Fed last year from Bovingdon.

Result: 1, 5 Shaun Ewing, 1293, 1226; 2, 3, 4, 6 Billy Mellett, 1272, 1232, 1231, 1224.