Carp show well on King’s Lynn waters despite early signs of spawning

Bradley and Joel Grange aged 10
Bradley and Joel Grange aged 10
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By Darren Reed

Bradley and Joel Grange aged 10

Bradley and Joel Grange aged 10

Carp have been the dominant feeders during the last seven days, while both carp and match style anglers have enjoyed success on the lakes.

Springside: Carp to 16lb have fed throughout the last week, bailiff reports a lot of carp showing have all been doubles. Tench to 5lb have also started to show quite steadily during the week, but late afternoon has been the targeted time.

Quality roach and rudd over 1lb have been showing well on the waggler and pole. Traditional carp style tactics have been rewarding for twin brothers Bradley and Joel Grange aged 10 (pictured), when finding a pair of carp each on their recent visit to the lake.

Boillie, corn maggot and pellet have all been rewarding when offered on the hook.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake. Carp to 18lb have been reported from carp anglers using traditional carp style tactics and offering boillie on the hook. Plenty of other carp showing despite early signs of spawning. Multiple catches continue to be reported, all methods working in finding a few feeding carp. Best baits this week have been boillie, corn and pellet.

Queen’s Lake: An assortment of bream between 3- 7 lb have been showing throughout the week, traditional bream style feeder tactics have again been the most rewarding for the anglers. A couple of the lake’s bigger bream 9lb did turn up during a session in the last seven days. Maggot has again been the more prolific bait when targeting the bream. Roach and rudd also show well when fished for on the pole and waggler.

Caster and maggot and small pellet have been the busier baits used.

Shepherd’s Lake: Both mirror and common carp to 14lb, have been showing during a steady week on the lake, traditional carp style tactics have been the successful method used when offering boillie for targeting the bigger carp.

Slightly smaller carp have shown to the match style method feeder when offering smaller boillies or corn.

Pellet has also been a very rewarding bait during the last seven days when targeting the bream between 3-6 lb all showing on the tip when using standard bream set ups. Roach and rudd have also fed strongly when targeted on the pole and waggler when offering maggot, pinkie and caster as a hook bait.

Tottenhill: Bream to 5lb have been showing on the pole line at 11 metres, and also on the tip, when offering corn and pellet as a hook bait. Carp to 15 10oz have been showing on both the margin pole and the tip.

Early spawning signs are clearly visible as the reeds and lilies are constantly being smashed. Late afternoon sessions have been more rewarding in getting a few more bites.

Match results from Townsend Lakes.

Sunday, Cuckoo Canal: 1 Andy Adams – peg 34 – 177lb – short pole pellet; 2 Colin Begbie – peg 32 – 166lb – long pole maggot and pellet in edge; 3 Derrick Upson – peg 36 – 79lb 12 oz – pellet in track.