Caught and lost at Tottenhill

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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By Darren Reed

Tottenhill has seen a steady flow of anglers during the last seven days, with plenty of fish caught and lost.

Despite the fish showing signs of spawning, plenty of fish bite on all methods.

Carp to 16lb 8oz have been reported. A standard method feeder set up presenting either pellet or corn has brought encouraging catches. Bream to 5lb have been feeding aggressively on the pole line and on the tip. Pellet and corn have featured strongly in bream caches reported.

Springside: The carp may have been off the feed during the last week due to showing signs of spawning, but the tench have been the dominant feeders, with many tench to 5lb being recorded. All methods have been successful in finding the tench. Corn, pellet and meat have been the more responsive baits.

Carp to 13lb have shown but not as frequent as the hungry tench. Silvers galore, both roach and rudd showing well on the waggler, whip and pole when offering maggot, pinkie, caster and bread as a hook bait.

Bear Lake: All the peg work has now been completed, but this did not deter the carp from feeding, as multiple catches were still showing whilst work was still being done on platforms around the lake. Average stamp carp to 8lb have been showing throughout a busy week. Fishing tight to the island has again proved to be the area to be in. Method feeder or a straight bomb to the island has been very rewarding. Pellet and corn has been used with great results.

Queens: Despite the lack of anglers during the last seven days, those that have fished the lake have seen plenty of fish feeding. An assortment of bream between 3-6lb have fed well when offered double red maggot as a hook bait on traditional bream style cage feeder tactics. Method feeder has also been used with some rewards but catch rates are quicker on bream style tactics. Roach and rudd to 10oz have also shown well on the whip and waggler when offered pinkie and caster on the hook.

Shepherd’s Lake: Odd bream and carp show, but signs of spawning has slowed catch rates down. Bream have occasionally showed on the method feeder when offering a hard banded pellet on the hook. Odd carp to 9 lb have also shown on carp style tactics.

Ken Hill: Quality catches to over 20lb of roach and rudd have been reported. Silvers are showing very well on the pole, whip and waggler, when presenting corn, maggot, and caster as a hook bait. Tench to 3lb have also started to show when offering small pieces of corn and worm.

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Daddies , hawthorns, mayflys and small beetle patterns are all taking fish. Several anglers are again catching into double figures.