Cut Off Channel produces King’s Lynn catch to 49lb for bailiff

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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By Darren Reed

Cut Off Channel: A Lynn bailiff certainly knows his swims, as he found the fish feeding in the one he chose during a recent visit.

He amassed a catch weight of 49lb, which consisted of six tench to 6lb 12oz; two bream, one of 7lb, and the other just over 5lb; plus some quality perch and one of them was 2lb, all caught on the tip.

Jacks have also been showing on lures at the A10 bridge, also multiple catches of jacks have been showing to lures at Stoke Ferry.

Relief Channel Denver: Jacks to 5lb have been continuously showing on lures. Two Zander have also been reported, one of 11lb 8oz and another of 9lb on pike tactics.

Middle Level Pingles: Jacks have also been reported at this end of the level when using lures or shads.

Tottenhill: Fish have been found feeding during midweek sessions. A catch of 163 roach, all caught on the 2-4metre line, five bream to 4lb, and a tench showing on the 11m line whilst pole fishing when offering either maggot,pinkie or caster as a hook bait.

Springside: Odd carp to 11lb show on the waggler and the margin pole when offering either maggot or corn as a hook bait. Silvers occasionally still show when targeted.

Shepherds Port, Bear Lake: Multiple catches to 112lb have been recorded, a catch of 22 carp were all caught on the waggler when alternating baits of corn and maggot on the hook.

Carp to 14lb have also been reported from anglers using the tip, when offering a soft pellet. Scaled down tactics have been rewarding in getting the fish feeding.