Docking duo take the honours from Gt Driffield

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter


Lynn NRFC are a new club and had their first race from Great Driffield, writes Kevin Mason.

Five members sent 82 birds.

The Docking partnership of Riches and Anderson took the top spot when their four-year-old took 1hr 56 mins to fly almost 88 miles.

Results: 1 Riches and Anderson 1329; 2 John Purcell & Sam Denton 1311; 3 and 6 Phil & Wayne Vincent 1290, 1195; 4 Her Majesty the Queen 1275; 5 Reg Madder 1215.


Wereham also had their first race of the season from Bovingdon when five lofts sent 100 birds.

A mealy yearling, bred from the Tony Mitchell stock, won the race for Hilgay’s Paul King and Jim and Wendy Cook, taking 1hr 27 mins to fly 69 miles.

Results: 1 Paul King and Jim & Wendy Cook, 1412; 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Billy Mellett 1402, 1400, 1394, 1391 and 1385.


Clenchwarton (South) had six members send 115 birds to Bovingdon.

Wretton’s Rod and Gloria Ogden had their birds on top form taking the club’s first three cards with birds from their Janssen family.

Their winner took 1hr 27 mins to fly the 73 miles.

Results: 1, 2 and 3 Rod and Gloria Ogden & Sons 1470, 1469, 1438; 4 ,5 Dale Dennis & Son 1351, 1350; 6 Pete & Dave Ellwood 1344.


Gaywood had five members send 92 birds to Bovingdon.

Last year’s top team of Rod and Gloria Ogden made a great start to the new 2016 season by taking the top six positions in the club.

These birds are also expected to do well in the Fens Fed race.

Results: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Rod & Gloria Ogden & Sons 1493 (two birds) 1450, 1439, 1438, 1437.


New Lynn RPC also raced from Bovingdon when 14 lofts sent 202 birds.

North Lynn’s Bluey and Leighton Boughen had the top bird.

Their winning De Klak took 1hr 42 mins to fly 82 miles.

The first pools and the nom went to Peter and Dave Ellwood.

The second pools went to the Manning Boys.

Results: 1 Bluey and Leighton Boughen 1417; 2, 5 and 6 Pat & Julie Royle 1395, 1384, 1380; 3 and 4 Linda Simper 1385 (both birds).


Sutton Bridge Racing pigeon Club held its first old race of the season.

Basketing took place on Saturday evening and 167 birds were entered into the club race by 11 members.

The birds were then transported to Great Driffield with other birds from the fed.

The first bird home was a two-year-old blue bar cock bird owned by Victor Martins from Holbeach, which flew 84 miles and 1506 yards in 1hr, 25mins 36 sec for a velocity of 1744.696 yards a minute.

The second home, was also a two-year-old cock owned by Terry Winterton from just outside Holbeach, which flew 86 miles and 1035 yards in 1hr, 27mins 39 sec for a velocity of 1738.452 yards a minute.

Third home was also a two-year-old cock, owned by Martins. It flew 84 miles and 1506 yards in 1hr, 25mins 57 sec for a velocity of 1737.592 yards a minute.