Double delight for King’s Lynn riders

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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King’s Lynn MTB Club

Mud, Sweat and Gears Round 6, Ickworth

Dominating the Grand Veterans category again was Paul Ashby, finishing a lap ahead of the second place rider.

James Murphy, rested from his holiday, produced his best mountain biking result for the series.

Emily Quantrill made it a win double, finishing first in her category of Sport Female and second overall, and is getting stronger with each race.

Round six saw 14 Lynn MTB riders enter on what they thought was going to be a glorious day. The heavens opened just as the racing started, and it then turned into a race of skills and attrition.

All the club members who raced are gaining confidence and strength as seen in their results.

Results: Millie Harris Under 9s 5th, Joe Allen under 9s 4th, Paul Ashby 1st Grand Veterans, James Murphy 4th Sport Male, Emily Quantrill 1st Sport Female, Robin Lines 6th Junior Male, Dick Lines 13th Grand Veterans.

Open Male: Dom Clark 6th, Richard Cook 15th, Linley Gales 17th, Mark Hollingworth 25th, Kevin Beales 30th, Roger Seals 50th, Jason Hunter 71st.

KL MTB Club Shouldham Warren Time Trial series: The conditions for round three were almost ideal – the trails were just damp but firm; the air was cool.

Round four was totally different, with the trails very dry with loose debris on top, plus the temperature in the forest was 30 degrees, testing the riders to extremes with their skills and fitness.

KLMTB results from Round 3, Shouldham Warren. Winner: Lee Woodcock (EHF) 24:33:20, 1 Lap distance; 2nd Dave Penny 24:43:85, 1 Lap; 3rd James Murphy 25:13:34, 1 Lap; 4th Dan Collins 25:21:22, 1 Lap; 5th Russell Rout 26:00:56, 1 Lap; 6th Neil Allen 26:34:13, 1 Lap; 10th Mike Cubbit 28:28:20, 1 Lap; 11th Emily Quantrill 28:34:88, 1 Lap; 13th Richard Cook 28:40:08, 1 Lap; 14th Steve Twell 28:47:13, 1 Lap; 15th Jonny Sayer 29:46:06, 1 Lap; 16th Kevin Beales 29:56:31, 1 Lap; 17th Adam Webster 32:12:36, 1 Lap; 19th Dick Lines 32:45:37, 1 Lap; 20th Roger Seals 35:36:26, 1 Lap; Joe Allen 04:23:53, 0.5 mile; Thomas Mathews 04:34:59, 0.5 mile; Ben Thompson 01:03:58, 500m; George Thompson 00:48:72, 100m.

Round 4. Winner: Chris Hunter (EHF/KLMTB) 24:20:44, 1 Lap; 3rd Dave Penny 24:43:94, 1 Lap; 4th Paul Ashby 24:58:28, 1 Lap; 5th James Murphy 25:05:79, 1 Lap; 6th Dan Collins 25:25:63, 1 Lap; 7th Neil Allen 26:50:77, 1 Lap; 10th Mike Cubbit 27:05:69, 1 Lap; 12th Richard Cook 28:03:26, 1 Lap; 13th Emily Quantrill 28:10:04, 1 Lap; 14th Steve Twell 28:43:00, 1 Lap; 15th Adam Webster 31:40:54, 1 Lap; 17th Roger Seals 34:06:79, 1 Lap; Alex Couzins 13:25:34, 1.5 mile; Joe Allen 04:32:01, 0.5 mile; Ben Thompson 00:49:79, 500m; George Thompson 00:39:80, 100m.