Early-season tench show at Tottenhill and Springside

Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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Despite the recent cold snap over the weekend, the last seven days has seen plenty of carp feeding to around the 15lb mark, writes Darren Reed.

Early-season tench have also started to show at both Springside and Tottenhill.

At Springside, both the method feeder and waggler when fishing over depth have worked well.

Yellow baits have seen the tench feed, while carp to 14lb 8oz have been recorded on carp style tactics.

Smaller carp have also put in an appearance on small match style method feeders with a six to eight millimetre pellet.

Roach and rudd have shown well up in the water when offered maggot, caster and bread.

Multiple catches have been reported at Bear Lake on Shepherd’s Port.

Carp to 7lb on the method feeder when offering corn or pellet as a hook bait.

Pole and waggler have also attracted the carp.

At Queen’s Lake, bream to 4lb have shown on the cage style feeder or traditional bream tactics.

Roach and rudd are also feeding well when targeted between 7 and 12 meters.

Maggot has found the bream and skimmers, while caster and pinkie have worked well for the small silvers.

Corn, pellet and maggot have all been used to attempt the bream into feeding at Shepherd’s Lake.

Bream to 5lb have appeared on the tip on conventional bream style tactics.

Straight leads with small pva bags of pellets have attracted carp to 14lb 13oz and chub to 3lb have taken a liking to the carp baits on offer.

Tottenhill has seen tench to 3lb 4oz on the tip when fishing close in.

Bream to 4lb on the pole and tip and carp to 12lb 9oz on match style feeders and carp style tactics.

KLAA news

Keepnets can now be used for silver fish at Tottenhill.

This decision will be monitored throughout the season, but no carp are allowed in keepnets.