Entries open for ‘wife carrying’ at Downham Market Games

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A reminder that the Downham Games 2017 are launching the first Norfolk Wife Carrying Championships on Sunday, June 11.

Anyone can now enter on the following online entry site:


Planned is a 400m obstacle course, involving bales of hay, water and flour, and the event is designed to bring hilarity and fun to the close of this year’s Games.

The organisers hope to get a minimum of 25 couples to attempt the course and win fame and goodies for being first over the line having steered round various hazards including The Straw Chicane, The Hay Bale High Jump, and the Flour’s for your Partner.

It will be worth a medal, T-shirt and a mini keg of beer to all finishers.

Prizes include:

l Barrel of beer for the winning couple;

l ‘Pro Plus’ for the Oldest Carrier;

l The ‘Norfolk ‘n’ Good’ Trophy for the last to cross the line;

l A pound of Norfolk sausages for the carrier with the heaviest ‘wife’.

Please note ‘wife’ is a term for the carried. Anyone can carry anyone else.