Fish feed as weather warms

Harry Hipkin
Harry Hipkin
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By Darren Reed

The last seven days has seen the sun appear, and bring the fish out to feed. All KLAA still waters have improved during the last week, despite a few frosty mornings.

Springside has again been in splendid form throughout the week with carp to 11lb being reported. Dersingham junior Harry Hipkin enjoyed a recent session on the lake (pictured with a mirror carp 7lb).

Harry landed six fish which included tench to 5lb, all caught on luncheon meat. Tench and carp have been the dominant feeders when targeting the margin swims offering a method feeder with either corn or meat as a hookbait.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Very busy during the last week, carp have been feeding strongly throughout. The biggest reported has been a common to 14lb. Plenty of average stamp carp between 5-7 lb have responded to a method feeder tight to the island or at the base of the pegs on the inside margins, presenting either a expander pellet or hard banded pellet as a hookbait. Roach and rudd also show on maggot baits when targeted.

Queen’s Lake: Bream to 7lb showing well when using a method feeder, presenting either a hard or soft pellet on the hook. smaller bream and skimmers also being reported. roach and rudd also showing good sport on the pole, waggler and whip when offering maggot as a hookbait.

Shepherd’s Lake: Another productive week, carp to 16lb 8oz being taken on carp-style tactics. Smaller carp show on the tip when using a method/ cage feeder. Pellet has worked well in finding the better fish feeding, both soft and hard pellets have reaped the rewards. Chub to 2lb also takes a liking to the bream and carp baits that have been offered.

Ken Hill: Roach and rudd have been showing well on this canal style venue, whip and pole have been used to offer the baits with regular success. Maggot and corn have been the more influential baits used.

Tottenhill: Another busy week on this lake with plenty of anglers on the banks. Carp to 12lb have been showing throughout the last seven days, bream to 6lb have also been feeding strongly with the carp. Pellet, corn and meat have all been used to target the better fish. All methods have been used including the pole and tip. Tench to 3lb have also started to show during the last week. Roach have also been showing well when fished for presenting maggot /caster as a hook bait.

l KLAA open matches at Tottenhill on Sunday and on Sunday, May 10. Draw 8.30 on the green, fish 10am-3pm.

Two keepnets are required, for carp and for silvers. Silver and bronze book permit holders £10 all-in; all other anglers £13 all-in. To book a place contact Ian Hoddy 07825162206.