Five medals for North Runcton ace Malcolm at World Transplant Games

Malcolm Souza-Lewis 5 medals
Malcolm Souza-Lewis 5 medals
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Malcolm Souza-Lewis (70) from North Runcton won one gold and four silver medals at the World Transplant Games – and held a world record for about 15 minutes.

The Games took place from August 23 to 27 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the first time the Games have been held in South America.

He got the gold for the high jump and claimed silvers for squash, discus, javelin and ball throw.

This was just the opposite of his performance at the British Games in Newcastle about three weeks ago where he won four golds and one silver.

In the javelin he broke the world record for his age category (70+) and led the competition throughout until the penultimate round where a big American guy managed an unusually long throw to break the new world record.

He said: “Mar del Plata is quiet in winter but in summer it is like Argentina’s version of Blackpool.

“Unfortunately, it was winter and the wind blew strong and cold from the South Atlantic almost all the time.

“At the end-of-Games gala dinner the mayor of Malaga made a speech inviting us all to the next Games in Malaga in July 2017.

“It will be hot work but at least we won’t have that pesky Atlantic wind to make javelin and discus extra difficult.

“My wife and I are spending three weeks touring Argentina.”

The British team of 107 athletes won the most medals again, with the host country a distant second. The total number of athletes was 799 from 44 countries.

Malcolm, who has had a kidney transplant himself, added: “Argentina has a shortage of organs like the UK, so there was a lot of publicity throughout the Games designed to raise awareness of the need to join the Register, carry the Donor Card and, most importantly, to discuss the issue with your loved ones.

“We transplant athletes are the lucky ones but we continue to think of the plight of those ten thousand or so ill people waiting for transplants.

“Many die while on the waiting list.”