Grading success for 40 King’s Lynn Kuk Sool Won students

Kuk Sool Won Feb 2015
Kuk Sool Won Feb 2015
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Saturday at 11.45am was the start of a two-and-a-half hour grading for 30 Black Belt candidates and 10 Black Belts testing for their next Dahn at Kuk Sool Won of King’s Lynn.

All students were put though their paces. This grading focused on their falling skills and a whole category of self-defence techniques, ranging from joint locks, body throws, chokes and counter striking.

All the instructors are very pleased with the effort and enthusiasm from every student who achieved success.

The school has classes for Lil Dragons (4-6 year-olds), Juniors (6-12), Youth (13-18), and all adults.

Anyone wishing to have a free introduction with one of the Black Belts can book by calling 07545239300 or 07957961877.

Check out the website www.kuksoolwonof