Heavy downpours put life into all stretches of King’s Lynn Association rivers

Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days have seen improving reports from both of the big rivers after the heavy rainfall.

The heavy downpours certainly put a spring back into the rivers with reports of fish showing on any stretches that had anglers putting a line in.

Ten Mile Bank: Early reports had indicated a few more fish showing during a slight flow, but at the back end of the week after Friday’s deluge of rain, skimmers, bream to 3lb hybrids and perch were being recorded from the Railway Bridge stretch.

Wissey Mouth is also showing skimmers, bream to 3lb 8oz, tench to 3lb 2oz, and the odd roach. Tip and pole are being used with good rewards. Skimmers on the tip at the chapel, pump house showing roach catches on the slider and whip. Biggest catch was a net of skimmers for 26lb at the Piggeries/Denver stretch all caught on the tip.

Middle Level, St Germans-Neepes has been performing very well; roach, tench to 4lb, perch, skimmers and the odd bream to 4lb 8oz have all featured in catches reported, a mixed bag of skimmers, roach, bream and tench has been reported for a net of 38lb. Hemp is scoring well as a hook bait.

Also tares, maggot and corn have been very rewarding. Pole line at 6m, waggler and tip have all reaped the rewards. Pike strikes are also becoming very frequent at Neepes when retrieving catches.

Crooked Chimney-Pingle: A lot of activity at Crooked with bream to 6lb showing to the tip anglers. Skimmers and tench to 4lb also feature heavily in catches reported. Pingle, roach, rudd and skimmers show on the whip and waggler.

Cut Off Channel: Tench to 5lb 2oz reported during a session after the rain.

Springside: A mirror carp to 22lb has been reported from an angler fishing a method feeder whilst presenting a piece of corn as a hook bait. Tench to 6 lb are showing well on the tip close to the margins on corn. Average stamp carp between 8-10 lb are showing on all methods and a mixture of baits from all around the lake. Roach to 1lb showing well when using up in the water tactics offering maggot as a hook bait.

Bear Lake continues to be fishing very well, biggest carp reported this week has been a 13lb mirror. Average carp to 9lb are being reported from anywhere around the lake. Top baits have been pellet and corn; all methods have seen good solid catches.

Queen’s Lake: Bream to 6lb showing on bream-style tactics, corn and maggot being the better baits. Roach over 1lb are showing well when targeted. Pole, whip and waggler are all securing good sport.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream to 6lb show well on cage-style tactics, eight bream being reported in single sessions when offering corn or pellet as a hook bait. Carp to 7lb have started to make an appearance over the bream baits. Tench to 5lb are also showing over the same line. Roach and rudd are slowly staring to show on the whip and waggler.

Ken Hill: Plenty of roach and rudd are feeding strongly; also tench to 3lb are being recorded. Whip,pole and waggler all work well when offering maggot and corn on the hook.

Tottenhill: Carp to 17lb 8oz and bream to 5lb 6oz continue to show from anywhere around the lake; pole and tip reap the rewards.


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