Hit and miss for King’s Lynn anglers with jacks holding steady

Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days have been strange, to say the least.

Plenty of predator anglers are on the banks with only a few pike reported but a steady amount of jacks are showing on the rivers.

Ten Mile Bank: Quality roach to 12oz have shown on the pole line between 6-11 metres between the Wissey Mouth and the Railway Bridge stretch, also tench between 4-6lb have been reported from a tip angler when offering worm on the hook and a groundbait with plenty of worm in it. Anglers have again reported catch rates improve during a flow.

Browns Farm-Modney Bridge: Roach to 12oz, skimmers to 2lb, and perch, showing on the pole line, between 5-10 metres. Tip anglers also sharing the spoils are finding the larger skimmers when offering caster, and double maggot on the hook. Best baits on Ten Mile this week have been worm, caster, maggot, hemp and tares.

Pike to 8lb and plenty of jacks have also shown between Modney Bridge and Browns Farm.

Lures and dead baits have provided the better results.

Middle Level: Another venue which has seen plenty of predator anglers and very few coarse anglers.

Plenty of jacks have again been recorded, and only the odd pike best being 9lb 8oz which was reported between St Mary’s-Magdalen. A lone bream of 4lb was also reported from this stretch but sadly no other silvers.

In form stretch on the level has again been the Three Holes-Pingle stretch with skimmers to 1lb 8oz, tench to 4lb. Roach and perch have all shown on the tip, pole and whip.

Jacks have also been showing frequently when targeted using spinners and lures.

Springside continues to show some good sport with carp to 15lb and tench to 4lb showing throughout the last seven days, carp style tactics still reaping the rewards when presenting either meat or pellet as a hook bait. Tench showing on corn and pellet when fishing tight into the margins.

Roach and rudd also show well when fished for on the pole, whip and waggler. Best baits for the silvers have been bread, pinkie and maggot.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake. A slightly slower week, but catches have been showing on the method feeder when fished tight across to the island, or tight in the margins on the inside. Paste on the pole has been rewarding for the carp on the inside, pellet either soft or hard has worked well on the method feeder.

Queen’s Lake: An assortment of bream ranging from 2-4lb caught on the tip when using either the method or cage feeder when presenting pellet or double maggot as a hook bait. Roach and rudd are also showing well on the whip and waggler when targeted.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream continue to be the dominant feeders. Cage feeder tactics work well, when offering pellet, corn or maggot on the hook. Only a solitary carp has been recorded.

Tottenhill: Another venue which has seen less anglers on the banks, but of those that have been on the bank, carp and bream have showed.

Carp to 12lb 4 oz and bream to 5lb 2oz have been recorded. Pole anglers still find the bream feeding well when using groundbait and offering a soft pellet on the hook.

Carp showing around the lily pads and in the margin swims. Open water has produced the odd fish but the quality catches have shown close in. Best baits have been corn, pellet and meat.