Ice hasn’t deterred few brave King’s Lynn specimen anglers on rivers

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Again difficult conditions have hampered anglers, in both venturing out on to the banks and in finding the feeding fish.

Even the main rivers have been covered in ice during the last few days. This hasn’t deterred a few brave specimen anglers searching for pike and zander.

Relief Channel: Pike to 11 lb. Zander to 7lb have been showing on both dead baits and lures, jacks have also been active showing to lures.

Cut Off Channel: A few pike have started to show on the dead baits that have been offered. Pike to 15lb 4oz have been recorded.

Middle Level, Three Holes-Pingle Bridge: Jacks showing to small shads and lures, small pike to 8lb showing on dead baits.

All the above rivers have been frozen or affected by ice.

Still waters. Springside: Despite some ice on the lake at times, carp to 12lb have been showing to the tip anglers when offering a small method feeder whilst presenting a yellow bait or maggot on the hook.

Bear Lake: Carp to 9lb showing on the tip when offering a loaded maggot feeder with a single maggot on a small hook.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream to 5lb have been the dominant feeders during the last few weeks. Traditional bream style feeder tactics when offering pinkie on the hook has been the more rewarding method in finding a few bream feeding.

Tottenhill: Despite half the lake being frozen, bream have been the more dominant feeders.

Bream to 4lb 8oz have been showing on the tip and pole when offering pinkie, caster and maggot as hook baits. Only the odd carp to 5lb are making an appearance.

l Match results from Townsend Lakes Fishery.

Townsend Lakes Fishery and Wicklewood Challenge match at Townsend Lakes on Woodpecker Pool, Saturday: drawn on points, 25 points each. Wicklewood won by weight 122lb 15oz to 110lb 12oz.

Individual winners: 1 Sam Hawkes (Townsend) peg 15 – 49lb 9oz long pole pellet; 2 John Everet (Wicklewood) peg 6 – 49lb 3oz swim feeder with maggot; 3 Dave Calvert (Wicklewood) peg – 14 – 32lb 5oz maggot feeder; 4 Steven Hillman (Townsend) peg 5 – 21lb 1oz long pole pellet hybrid feeder.

Open match, Sunday, held over Woodpecker Pool and Kingfisher Lake as 23 fished.

After a -6 frost and airators on overnight to keep ice from lake, the lake kept re-freezing as anglers were fishing which made it a very hard day.

Results: 1 Duncan Fuller – peg 5 Woodpecker Pool – had 2 carp for 8lb on a bunch of maggots/bomb and some small fish on pole had 11lb 1oz; 2 Stuart Curtis – peg 18 Woodpecker – managed 1 carp with some silvers 6lb 4oz from the margins; 3 Alan Owen – peg 14 Woodpecker – 4lb 6oz straight bomb and maggot; 4 Colin Begbie – peg 13 Woodpecker – 3lb 14oz – long pole maggot.