King’s Lynn area lakes showing consistent form

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KLAA by Darren Reed

Springside had another very good week reported from this lake.

Tench to 5lb have now started to show in catches reported from both method feeder and waggler anglers when offering corn or bread. Carp to 13lb have also been feeding well during the last week, method feeder has been the more rewarding when targeting the carp. Corn, pellet and boillies have been the more successful baits used.

Waggler and pole anglers are also scoring well when targeting the quality roach and rudd when offering maggot or caster.

Bear Lake: Carp to 16lb have been recorded from the method feeder anglers, multiple catches continue to be reported.

Pole and feeder have been the more rewarding methods used when offering pellets on the hook.

Queen’s Lake has had another very rewarding week. Bream to 8lb have started to show more during the last week, 75lb nets are constantly being reported, with bream between 5-8lb showing on traditional bream style feeder tactics.

Worm and maggot have been the more preferable baits, but the pellet has also been rewarding as an alternative bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: A lot better week has been reported with carp and bream showing more frequently.

Bream to 5lb have been showing on bream tactics on the tip, carp to 15lb have been showing to the carp tactics. Tench to 3lb have also been feeding well during the last week. Roach skimmers and rudd have all been showing on the pole, whip and waggler when offering maggot or caster as a hook bait.

Tottenhill: A good week has been reported. Carp to 18lb 4oz have been recorded, all methods have been working, feeder, waggler and pole have all had success in finding the carp, average carp has been around 7lb. Bream to 4lb 8oz have also been feeding strongly on the pole line. Tench have also started to show.

Roach, rudd and perch have also been showing well when targeted with maggot.

Meat, corn and pellets have all been rewarding.

Townsend Lakes fishery match, Sunday, Cuckoo Canal: 1 Colin Begbie − peg 1 − 152lb 10oz − castor shallow down track and pellets in the margins; 2 Sammy McSpadden − peg 10 − 127lb 10oz − short pole pellet; 3 Martin Sheldrake − peg 7 − 112lb 2oz − short pole pellet.