King’s Lynn area roach catch rates improve at Modney Bridge

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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At last the roach at Modney Bridge seem to be getting their feeding heads on as catch rates have improved during the last seven days.

Pingle Bridge on the Level has also been showing small roach on the whip.

Match date: John Russell Memorial Match on Sunday at Ten Mile Bank, Modney Bridge-Chapel stretch. Meet on the bank for 8am. Draw 8.30, fish 10am-3pm, £10 all in. To book a place contact Ian Hoddy 07825162206.

Ten Mile Bank, Modney Bridge-Chapel: Roach nets to 17lb have been reported, pole, slider and tip have all been used to target the roach. Seed baits and maggot have been very rewarding in catching a steady weight. Odd tench are also showing to the far Bank on the tip. Small perch showing to the drop shotting method.

Relief Channel at Denver: Zander to 7lb, jacks to 6lb showing on lures. Pike to 12lb are showing on dead baits.

Springside: Tench to 4lb and carp to 14lb reported. All methods are working to attract the feeding fish. Roach, rudd and perch also show to the anglers that have been targeting them. Meat, boillies, and pellet for the tench and carp, maggot and caster for the silvers.

Bear Lake: Carp to 15lb showing on the method feeder and waggler, despite catch rates starting to drop off. Pellet corn and meat have been the more rewarding baits.

Queen’s: Another good week has been endured by the bream anglers. Nets to 60lb have again been recorded. Bream between 3-6lb have again been the dominant feeders. Quality roach, rudd and skimmers have also shown well on the waggler and pole line. Maggot, worm and caster have been the more preferred bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp tactics have been rewarding to the carp anglers, carp to 17lb have been recorded. Carp to 14lb also showing to blackberry after an angler had watched Countryfile on TV and saw how the chub and other fish were waiting for the berries to fall from the bushes into the water. Odd small tench, roach and rudd have also been showing to the waggler anglers.

Tottenhill: Bream and carp have been feeding but slower to find the baits that have been offered. Carp to 11lb, bream to 4lb pole line, method feeder and waggler are still the favoured methods. Pellet, corn and meat have been the more rewarding baits.

Match results from Townsend Lakes fishery, Sunday, Kingfisher Lake: 1 Colin Begbie – peg 14 – 70lb 4oz – long pole pellet; 2 Andy Morrow – peg 32 – 56lb 12oz – maggot down edge, 3 Ashley Kinsey – peg 21 – 40lb 4oz – pole pellet.