King’s Lynn bream continue to feed strongly on quality Queen’s Lake

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KLAA by Darren Reed

Quality catches continue to show on all the lakes but Queen’s Lake is still dominating with ton-plus catches continuously being reported.

Tottenhill: Carp to 16lb 7oz have shown on carp tactics when presenting a boillie on a hair rig. Smaller carp to 9lb have shown on match style feeders, when offering pellet or corn on the hook.

Bream to 4lb 8oz have also been feeding frequently with many reported in catches recorded. Roach and rudd have also been steady when targeted with maggot.

Springside: Carp to 15lb have been frequently reported from carp anglers.

Traditional method feeder also provide good sport when offering bread, corn, pellet or meat on the hook. Plenty of silvers showing to those anglers targeting them when offering maggot as a hook bait.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches showing from all around the lake. Carp to 13lb have been showing on the method feeder or the bomb. Pellet and corn have also profited the pole anglers when fishing tight to the island.

Queen’s Lake: Bream nets of 100lb-plus continue to be frequently reported, as plenty of anglers are now targeting the bream. Traditional cage style feeder tactics have again proved most successful.

The pole anglers have also had quality catches. Worm, maggot and pellet have been the more rewarding baits.

Skimmers, roach and rudd have also fed strongly on the shorter line.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream to 5lb, and carp to 15lb, have been reported, from both feeder and carp anglers. Pole whip and waggler anglers are also enjoying quality catches of skimmers, roach and rudd when offering maggot or caster.

Match results from Townsend Lakes fishery.

Sunday, Woodpecker Pool: 1 Colin Begbie – peg 7 – 119lb 2oz – long pole pellet shallow and meat and corn down the edge; 2 Warren Wright – peg 3 – 77lb 4oz – down the edge; 3 John Whitcombe – peg 9 – 72lb 10 oz .paste shallow and down the edge with corn.

Fenmen match anglers’ match. Westwood Lakes, Falcon Lake. Sunday: 1 Gary Harris Peg 10, 162lb 3oz pole shallow; 2 Steve Locke Peg 9 125 lb 5oz, pole shallow pellet; 3 Chud Harris 115 lb 1oz pole short shallow; 4 Paul Locke 113 lb 12oz pole shallow.