King’s Lynn club hat-trick hosting 50-mile Grimston, Gayton and Great Massingham road race

Picture of Jorge Vieria of Kings Lynn Cycling Club courtesy of A W Dewart
Picture of Jorge Vieria of Kings Lynn Cycling Club courtesy of A W Dewart
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Returning on Thursday evenings throughout the spring and summer seasons are the popular King’s Lynn Cycling Club training rides, beginning from The Sandboy Public House car park at 6.15pm.

This year sees groups catered for into speed determined levels on a 22-mile loop.



Level 1: 12mph to 14mph, level 2: 14mph to 16mph, level 3: 16mph to 18mph, level 4: 18mph to 20mph-plus.

Entry level rides to the speed of the slowest rider within that level ensure that no rider is dropped or left behind. Please make sure you bring the following items: spare inner tube, a pump and front and rear working lights.

Sunday, October 16 sees KLCC hosting for the third year the successful 50-mile road race for category 3/4 riders. Race headquarters by kind permission of Holly Meadow School, Vong Lane, Grimston, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1BW.

This is a four-lapped course racing through the villages of Grimston, Gayton and Great Massingham.

More information to follow, see www.kingslynncyc

Last week’s KLCC weekly evening 10-mile time trial saw 33 riders compete on the Tottenhill course. Many riders described the conditions as cold and very blustery making it a much more challenging task.

Jorge Vieira of KLCC battled against the elements to secure first rider over the line in a time of 23.37, followed closely by James Senter of KLCC in 24.06.

Other KLCC times: Justin Gyton. 25.07, Miles Thomas 25.28, Ian Higgins 25.35, Simon Hardy 26.02, Ben Smith 26.16, Maciej Malyszka 26.30, Marcus Hopkins 26.43, Martin Johnson 26.43, Chris Levy 26.49, Gavin Buffham 26.57, James Dewart 26.58, Jonny Falcao 27.27, Peter Elsegood 27.30, Steve Green 27.37, Trevor Marshall 27.49, Ming Lo 27.58, Neil Holland 28.15, Robert Florance 28.31, Kay Burgess 28.39, Glynn Smith 28.56, Elaine Roesner 29.22, Alec Marshall (junior) 30.01, Lewis Fulljames 30.38, Flo Thatcher 31.33, Tye Rugg (junior) 32.34, Peter Barber 33.32, Bethany Barnett (junior) 33.36, Paul Fisher 33.38, Maria Frary 35.50, Heather Rugg 36.48. Visitor: Mark Eastwood of West Suffolk Wheelers 28.38.