King’s Lynn martial arts students reach net level

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Students from the traditional Korean martial arts Kuk Sool Won School in Lynn have been promoted to their next level.

The week started with a Lil Dragons grading, then the juniors before three different gradings with 50 students reaching their new grades.

The white and yellow belt students were graded on the Wednesday, the Brown belts on the Thursday and the blue and red belts on the Friday.

All students showed good skills in kicking, empty hand forms, self-defence techniques and board breaking.

Fitness levels have improved, as has students’ confidence in performing these skills in front of their class mates, instructors and parents.

Kuk Sool Won teaches Lil Dragons (4 to 6 years-old), Junior/Youth (6 to 13 years-old) and Adults (over 13).

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Pictured on the right are students from Lynn’s Kuk Sool Won School following their recent gradings which saw a more than 50 members promoted to their next level.