King’s Lynn MMA coach Craig leads by example

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MLNF Craig Powell knORKLxnkmQBOH_vWOmk
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The Den Fight Centre of Austin Fields, Lynn, owner and professional MMA fighter Craig Powell put it all on the line at the weekend.

He stepped into the cage for the 12th time to compete for the top UK fight promotion ‘BCMMA’ held in Colchester.

Powell took on fighter Darren Castleton from Pro Systems gym in Brighton in a three five-minute round PRO MMA bout (cage fight). Den coach Powell only needed two minutes and 50 seconds of the very first round to put a stop to his opponent. After a brief exchange on the feet Castleton managed to score a take down where Powell began to flex his high level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game from his back. He tangled his opponent up from the bottom and began to rain down elbows into the face of Castleton until Powell decided to lock in a triangle choke to get ‘the tap’ (to make the opponent submit). Those not familiar with the sport can expect to see punches, kicks, knees, elbows from standing or on the ground (ground and pound), arm locks, leg locks and chokes.

Powell had a great amount of support from Lynn to attend the event. Those that could not travel stayed at home to watch the bout unfold via the live stream which was viewed around the world on the internet. Powell was ecstatic with a fast win over a very tough opponent.

Powell said: “BCMMA is such a high level show that it’s great to be asked to fight on it. The matches at BCMMA are always tough. Not even the high ticket sellers get easy fights on this show. BCMMA is not a fight show for people that just want to pad out their records.

“I would like to thank everyone who travelled from King’s Lynn to see my performance and glad I could get them the win!”

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