King’s Lynn Patriots’ first practice scrimmage of campaign prior to Wembley appearance

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Last Sunday the King’s Lynn Patriots American Football team travelled to the Lincolnshire Bombers for their first practice scrimmage of the season following their recent recruitment drive.

It was a tall order to bring the team to an experienced squad so soon after recruitment.

But the existing players bonded with new players, some with absolutely no experience in the sport before this, and pulled together to show what can make this team so special.

On offence, the ball was moved effectively gaining 214 yards and getting six points on the board,

Meanwhile, defensively the Lincolnshire momentum was subdued too, resulting in 22 points escaping the Patriots.

So despite a final score of 22-6 to the Bombers, the game was littered with shining moments the team can be proud of.

Special mentions go out to the whole offensive line, and Kevin Cunningham who had a solid performance in defence for the first time, and the full running back unit.

The team look forward to moving now on to their next fixture with the Wembley Stallions on Sunday, March 19. To contact the Patriots, email: