King’s Lynn Pelicans Girls improve in tough game at Harleston

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On Saturday Pelicans Girls Development Squad travelled to Harleston where they lost 0-4 to a very clinical well drilled hockey team.

Lucy Sagrott make some strong saves in the first two quarters but the hosts managed to carve a three-goal lead going into the break.

In the second two quarters Pelicans began to grow stronger and made Harleston work harder for possession.

The team showed great perseverance and as always improved as the game went on.

Norfolk Cars Mini player of the match: Poppy Beales.

Pelicans teams tomorrow

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Men’s 1sts v Norwich Dragons L 0-3; Men’s 2nds v Bury st Edmunds 1 L 8-2 (Yule x 2); Men’s 3rds v Ipswich Cranes 1 W 3-2 (Lankfer x 2, Searle; PoM Bower M); Men’s 4ths v Ipswich & ES 6 L 0-3. Ladies 1sts v St Ives 2 W 5-2 (Lankfer, Wilson, Anderson, Howard, Burt; PoM Burt); Ladies 2nds v Thetford C 3-0 win; Ladies 3rds v Yarmouth 2 L 0-5 (PoM McGovern A).


Pitch timings: Pelicans (P) 11.30 / 1.00 / 2.30. Lynnsport (L) 12.15 / 1.45. 1st XI v UEA 1 (away) pb 2.30 meet Dragonfly 1pm. Green, Major, Dowers, Olley, Collingwood-Smith, Johnstone, Simons, Page I, Brown E, Sheerin, Esse, Mitchell, Batterham, Widdowson.

2nd XI v Newmarket 1 (home) pb 1.00 P meet 12.15. Bower G, Kent S, Kent J, Picton B, Vinson J, Vinson M, Phillips T, Read, Nash, Todd, Norman, Lemon J. Umpire: Brookes and Saggy.

3rd XI v Newmarket 2 (away) pb 3.00 meet Dragonfly 1.30pm. Bower, Lankfer, Harvey, Landles, Aldrich, Taylor, Tuttle, Caley, Phillips S, Searle, Kidd, Woolard. Umpire: Newmarket x 2.

4th XI v Norwich Dragons 5 (home) pb 2.30 P meet 2.00. Williamson, Wildbur, Saggy, Swinburn, Lemon, Short, Kent, Means, Turner, Clark, Human. Umpire: Brookes and Chilvers.

U16 boys, Sunday v Norwich City 10.30am pb, meet clubhouse 9.45am. Kerry J, Harvey, Means G, Searle O, Phillips S, Lemon G, Lim, Fox, Towler, Woolard, A.N.Other. Umpires: I Collingwood-Smith, P Lemon.


Ladies’ 1st XI v Huntingdon 1 (away) 11.00am pb meet Dragonfly @ 8.30AM PLEASE BRING WHITE SOCKS. Stevenson, Tea, Lankfer, Alsop, Collison, Anderson, Howard, Wilson H, Thompson. Lambert, Aldous, Burt, Scott E.

2nd XI v Broadland 2 (away) pb 12.15 meet Knights Hill @ 10.30am. Glover M, Hughes, McGovern E, Claxton, Moore M, Rogers, Bower E, Johnson, Collingwood-Smith, Watts, Carrier, Ramsdale, Brown E.

3rd XI v Breckland (away) 10.00am pb meet Greenpark Ave Lynnsport @ 8.30am. Kay, McGovern O, Rust- Dowers, Copping, Page S, Harris, Wicks, Stout J, Warner, Sagrott S, Tomkins.