King’s Lynn rivers showing consistent form and lakes flourishing

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last week has seen an increase in anglers on the banks of the two main rivers with fish showing, while the lakes continue to flourish.

Ten Mile Bank: Bream and tench to 5lb have been recorded during the last seven days.

The pole line has been the more rewarding. Wissey Mouth-Brown’s Farm has been the targeted stretch for anglers with barely a dry night reported, skimmers and roach have been the steady feeders when being targeted with caster, pinkie and maggot. Danby Drove has also been showing skimmers to 2lb on both the tip and pole.

Middle Level, Crooked Chimney-Neepes has been showing skimmers, roach and perch all on the pole.

High Road-St Mary’s has been the busiest stretch on the Level, and some good fish have shown.

A 10lb tench has been reported at the St Mary’s end, other tench to 6lb have also shown at this stretch. Plenty of skimmers, roach and perch also reported on both the pole and tip.

Bream to 4lb 11oz showing on the tip, a 3lb perch has also been reported, odd roach also beginning to show away from St Mary’s. Pinkie, maggot, caster, worm and corn have all been used with success as a hook bait.

Springside: Carp to 16lb being reported on the tip, falling to luncheon meat on the hook, tench to 5lb also feeding strongly when being offered corn on either the tip or waggler. Silvers galore when targeting them with maggot baits and up in the water.

Bear Lake: Carp to 15lb 8oz reported. Carp beginning to show well on the pole lines as multiple catches continue to be reported. Pole lines have now become more productive when offering pellet or corn as a hook bait. Tip has also been very rewarding when offering pellet or corn on the hook; 100lb catches continue to be recorded.

Queen’s Lake: Bream to 7lb showing to tip anglers using bream style tactics, 35lb mixed nets of skimmers and roach showing on the pole line. Best bait has again been maggot.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp to 15lb showing to carp tactics, chub to 4lb showing over the carp baits that have been offered, tench to 4lb showing on luncheon meat on the feeder, roach and rudd showing to anglers that have targeted them.

Tottenhill: Carp and bream continue to feed well on all the baits that have been presented to them, tip, pole and waggler have all produced good catches.


Sunday, at Tottenhill. Fish 10am till 3pm. For details of the match and to book in contact Ian Hoddy 07825162206.

Match results from Townsend Lakes fishery.

Sunday, Cuckoo Canal: 1 Ricky Young – peg 10 – 159lb 8oz – shallow pole and white maggot; 2 Del Maginn – peg 14 – 127lb 10oz – pellet short pole; 3 Jordon Osbourne – peg 18 – 107lb 14oz – short pole pellet.