King’s Lynn United oche ace Ransom impresses with 13-dart leg

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Alison Ransom reminded how formidable she is in the Norfolk Superleague Darts when King’s Lynn United were away to Dereham on Sunday.

United Men won 5-2. MoM was Pat Dix with a 24.43 average (121gs); other winners were Brian Goffart, Glenn West (118gs), Craig Venman and Shaun Bitson.

Ian King hit 180 but was beaten by a very on form Dave Wallace (26.37).

The Ladies drew 2-2. United ladies’ LoM Ransom, with an impressive 19.03 dart average, finished her game with a remarkable 13-dart leg (76, 125, 132, 136, D16).

Becky Cullen was the other winner.

Shirley Carrett (115, 2x100) was unlucky, losing 2-3 to Norfolk’s Sue Brittain (140, 3x100).

K.L. United are at home to Norwich on Sunday at the Workers Club.

Their opponents are sitting in second place only seven points behind United.

This will be the halfway point of the season and United will be aiming to remain unbeaten.

It should make for an exciting match to come and watch and support the home team.

Times: 6pm draw for 6.30 start.