KLCC award winners

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Pictured are some of the King’s Lynn Cycling Club winners of 2014 at the awards presentation at Knights Hill in Lynn.

The winners of the club’s events last season are as follows: Donna Scott – Club time trials women’s Champion; Matthew Senter – Club time trials Old School Champion; Steve Neill – Malcolm Read Trophy, 26.143 MPH average; Simon Hardy – Knobbly Tyre Competition, 1h29m08s; Ben Keeley – Pete Balls Trophy, 23.614 MPH average; Steve Neill – Les Spinks Trophy, 59m07s; Steve Neill – Terry Leaver Trophy, 22m51s; Tim Mardell – Fermoy Cup (100 miles) 4h17m50s; Freddy Pett – Tish Leggett Trophy; Freddy Pett – Somerset Maxwell Cup; David Proctor – Esso Trophy; Myles Higby – Club Junior Champion; Simon Hardy – MTB Challenge Shield, 1h32m43s; Ben Keeley – Club Champion, 21.867 MPH average; Myles Higby – Junior Champion B.A.R, 24.000 MPH average; David Proctor - Tom Carman Trophy, 13m14s Average Plus; Myles Higby – Cliff Cawkwell Cup, 1h04m13s; Gary Smith – Eric Warham Trophy, 4m52s; Ben Keeley – 12 hour cup, 249.45 miles & 20.75 MPH average.