Lemon squeezes out Norwich with winner

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Under 14

Norwich 33 West Norfolk 38

On a glorious Sunday morning West travelled to Norwich for their first 15’s match of the season.

Norwich kicked off and immediately attacked the West defence and sleepy poor defence gave them the initiative to break the line to score, which was duly converted.

West continued in this vein without committing to the tackles allowing Norwich to further pressure the defence. This resulted in a further try to the home side which was converted.

This now woke up the whole team and they started to play like a team. After continued phases of play Tom Hitchcock broke the line and scored.

West’s forwards continued to dominate especially in the scrums with constant wins against the head. A defensive lapse in the West backs gave Norwich a further try.

Again the team pulled together and came back on the front foot to take the game to the opponents with George Lemon bursting through slick half back play. Trundley kicked the conversion (half-time score 19-12).

West  kicked off the second half and were once again sleeping allowing  Norwich to score from their centre which was converted.

This again woke up the team with the players looking to exert pressure on Norwich and team play improving.

Hitchcock took the restart catch, powered forward and fed Lemon to score, conversion completed.

After several phases of play the ball came to Connor Clarke who darted through numerous opponents to touch down under the posts, which was duly converted.

West were now frustrating their opposition with strong scrummaging and rucking winning positive ball. The ball broke from the back of the ruck and passed wide by Spurrier and Trundley, enabling Lemon to burst the line again to score.

Now with the lead the team switched off again allowing Norwich to score under the post and convert.

With time running out West came back again with strong running, with ground being made which gave Lemon the platform to break through to score. The try was converted.

As the match drew to a close West’s continued to resist the pressure.

It was a great squad performance to come back from the early setbacks in an even competitive match, with the team worthy winners in a well refereed match.

Squad: Clingo, Gallacher, Clarke, Smith, Trundley (C), Lemon, Collie, Spurrier, Alvarez, Wilson, Dew, Price-Waring, Hitchcock, A Warrington, C Warrington, Lankfer, Quinlan, Hunter.

Under 13

West started their season in good form facing Holt in the first game of the Norfolk 10’s.

Dunn landed the first try with Rudd leading the field with a second. Strong teamwork resulted in Taylor scoring closely followed by Jack landing two more. Score: 25-0 to West.

Next West met a strong Wymondham side with Taylor tackling hard. Tries scored by Wymondham in the first half gave way to West fighting back hard with strong rucking by French, Starling, Oscar and Gallager.

Fast hands by Dunn, Williams and Rudd resulted in West equalising in a 25-25 draw.

The final game against Diss saw Rudd and Jack landing tries for West. Diss soon pulled back into the game, however West came back strongly resulting in Rudd scoring again to open the gap, ending 15-5 to West.

West also travelled to Norwich to triumph in their first full match of the season, winning 47-12.