Long-time Fakenham Gallow club member Ann from Docking lands finals night treble

Keeping it in the family. Australian Pairs champions, from left - Ann, Michael and Maureen Leverett
Keeping it in the family. Australian Pairs champions, from left - Ann, Michael and Maureen Leverett
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This year’s finals night at Fakenham’s Gallow indoor bowls club turned into a triumph for long-time member, Ann Leverett, from Docking.

She won two of the four main ladies events and then joined sister-in-law, Maureen, and husband, Michael, to make it a family success winning division 3 of the Australian Pairs competition where three players can inter-change as the competition progresses.

It was the icing on the cake for Leverett who won the singles title, beating Irene Lambert, and then joined Diane Broom, Josie Wright and Suzanne King to help lift the Fours trophy.

Richard Mason, who has also been a member of the club for many years, was the men’s singles winner, beating David Vaughan in the final.

He then went on to partner Rhys Morgan, Danny Cawthorne and Mark Riches to win the Fours.

A third title came his way in the Open Singles, a new competition where both men and women, junior and senior, could compete on equal terms against each other.

He became the first holder of the trophy when he beat Sam King in the final.

But the evening was not all about the club’s more senior members. Gallow has a policy of encouraging young blood.

Their junior section includes some very talented players. The club make sure they do more than just play each other and to include them, whenever possible, in the club’s senior teams where they gain first-hand experience of playing with members who have competed internationally or won national or county titles.

The ladies’ took top spot with Shannon Tucker adjudged the Morrisons’ Young Achiever of the Year whilst amongst the men Rhys Morgan was awarded the Mervyn King Trophy as the men’s under 25 achiever.

Not surprisingly he won the under 25 singles title, beating Danny Cawthorne, was also a member of the men’s Fours and won the Tartan trophy with Mark Riches and another younger member, Jack Wells.

He also triumphed in three Plate events open to players who have been knocked out in the first round of a competition. He won the Singles, the Triples with Danny Cawthorne and Sam King - two more younger members - and the Mixed Pairs with Pam Whitehead.

The Vera Wright Rose Bowl was awarded to Coralie Bell, who has retired after many years as the women’s section president; Dennis King was adjudged the winner of the Team Achievement Award and Ladies’ president, Maureen Leverett, was presented with the Negus Personality Cup.

At the end of the presentation ceremony member Gordon Whitmore won a very special raffle prize donated by chairman’s wife, Brenda Bedingfield Dennis.

She had previously won a raffled Just Retirement shirt, donated by the sponsors of the 2014 world tournament signed by five top players.

She decided to re-raffle it for club funds and with the help of club international, Mervyn King, the autographs of another eleven were added to make it a shirt to featuring all the world’s top 16 players.


Ladies singles: Ann Leverett (runner up - Irene Lambert). Ladies Pairs: Wendy Wilkinson, Jo Ashmore (Diane Broom, Suzanne King). Ladies Triples: Diane Broom, Pam Whitehead, Suzanne King (Ann Leverett, Kathy Shepherd, Beryl Graver). Ladies Fours: Diane Broom, Ann Leverett, Josie Wright, Suzanne King (Pam Frary, Coralie Bell, Sandra Burlingham, Louise Hannant). Men’s singles: Richard Mason, (David Vaughan). Under 25 singles: Rhys Morgan (Danny Cawthorne). Men’s singles Plate: Rhys Morgan. Men’s Pairs: David Taney, Malcolm Starkey (Richard Mason, Jack Wells). Men’s Pairs Plate: Jeff Tucker, Ben Hunter. Men’s Triples: David Hall, Peter Murfit, David Frost (Shaun Savory, David Vaughan, Mark Riches). Men’s Triples Plate: Rhys Morgan, Danny Cawthorne, Sam King. Men’s Fours: Rhys Morgan, Danny Cawthorne, Mark Riches, Richard Mason (David Hall, Leon Everett, Peter Murfit, David Frost). Men’s Fours Plate: Trevor Edge, David Smith, Lee Sepping, Kenny Breame. Open Singles: Richard Mason (Sam King). Mixed Pairs: Emily O’Hanlon, Danny Cawthorne (Josie Wright, Peter Murfit). Mixed Pairs Plate: Pam Whitehead, Rhys Morgan. Mixed Triples: Mary Hall, Peter Murfit, David Hall (Sandra Burlingham, Roy Preston, David: Webb). Mixed Triples Plate: Wendy Wilkinson, Simon Wilkinson, John Moore. Tartan Trophy: Rhys Morgan, Jack Wells, Mark Riches (Jeff Tucker, Shannon Tucker, Ben Hunter). Tartan Trophy Plate: Bob Wilson, Chris Hutchinson, Ben Hutchinson. Evening League 1: Demus Smerdon. Knock-out Cup: Sam King. League 2: Jeff Tucker. Knock-out Cup: Jeff Tucker. Afternoon League 1: David Webb. League 2: David Utting. League 3: Simon Wilkinson. Stratford Cup: Dennis King (Rose Thody). Australian Pairs 1: Mark Riches. Pairs 2: Patrick Rayner. Pairs 3: Michael Leverett. Pairs 4: Kenny Breame. Knock-out Cup: Danny Cawthorne (Alastair Hunter). Morning League: Mollie Bowyer. Summer League: Trevor Savory. Summer Pairs: Trevor Savory, David Taney. Vera Wright Rose Bowl: Coralie Bell. Team Achievement award: Dennis King. Negus Personality Cup: Maureen Leverett. Morrison Young Achiever of the Year: Shannon Tucker.