Middle Level displays good form close in for King’s Lynn anglers

Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days have seen encouraging catches at the St Germans-Neepes stretch.

Fishing close in at the base of the first shelf has seen anglers benefiting with the catches reported.

Roach nets to near 20lb are becoming common when offering seed baits on the hook. Hemp, stewed wheat, barley and tares have all worked well in securing quality roach catches. Bream to 5lb, tench to 7lb 4oz, perch to 3lb, skimmers to 2lb 8oz have all been recorded in catches. Pole line at 8 metres has been the most productive distance for some good sport.

Lots of small roach and skimmers also show well, waggler and tip has also produced well when fished short. Best baits along with the seed baits have been caster, worm maggot and pinkie. Ex-world champion Bod Nudd was also spotted at the Peters stretch earlier this week catching well on the pole.

Pike to 10lb and zander to 10lb have also been reported by night anglers during the last week.

Crooked Chimney: Early morning sessions have produced good skimmer catches on the tip, but when the sun rises the fish disappear.

Pingle: Lots of small skimmers, rudd and roach show on the pole and whip.

Ten Mile Bank, Modney Bridge-Railway Bridge has been the more beneficial stretch to catch a few fish, roach have been feeding well along this stretch. Rudd to 1lb 4oz have shown around the railway bridge area, skimmers and the odd bream to 5lb have shown around Modney Bridge. Small tench to 2lb, perch and roach have been the more dominant feeders; 15lb nets have been reported. Tip and pole are both working well during the flows.

Springside: Fishing very well during the last week, carp to 15lb continues to feed well. Tench to 6lb also showing around the margins, roach and rudd feeding strongly when targeted. Best methods have been method feeder / carp feeder for the bigger carp, bomb with a single piece of corn in against the margins for the tench and up in the water tactics has produced good silver fish rewards. Maggot, corn and pellet being the preferred baits.

Bear Lake: Another venue which is currently in top form, multiple catches showing all around the lake, average carp to 9lb throughout the lake.

Method feeder tight to the island, and around the margins has been very rewarding. Pole works well in both open water and around the island.

Best baits this week have been pellet, both soft and hard and corn.

Queen’s Lake: Bream continue to be the dominant feeders, bream ranging from 2-9lb have been reported in catches during the last seven days. Feeder tactics, both method and cage, are working well.

Pellet and maggot produce the better catches. Roach and rudd also show well on the waggler and whip when offering maggot or caster as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream are the biggest feeders in yet another slow week for the carp anglers. Only the odd seldom carp to 12lb has been reported. Roach are starting to show well on the waggler, pole and whip.

Ken Hill continues to show plenty of quality roach and rudd with the odd bonus tench to 2lb. Best methods have been whip, pole top 4s and the waggler.

Tottenhill: Probably the best this venue has fished for many seasons, carp to 16lb showing on carp style tactics. Match style method feeder has produced multiple catches of carp to 14lb 11oz, with nine carp reported in afternoon sessions, bream also feeding well all around the lake. Ground baited swims have kept the bream feeding, catches of 10 bream to 5lb 3oz have also been reported. Pellet, corn, and meat have been the more rewarding baits to use.


With immediate effect keep nets are now banned from being used at this venue. The water level has now gone below the bottom level of the platforms so a decision was made at the committee meeting that keep nets are no longer allowed to be used.