Middle Level the place for virtually all King’s Lynn area angling action

Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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Ten Mile Bank has again been struggling to show any consistent form, but it has shown some sport at the Wissey Mouth and at Modney Bridge.

Bream to 5lb have shown on the tip in the mouth of the Wissey, and Modney has shown skimmers and roach on the pole line.

Middle Level has seen virtually all the anglers on the bank, catches have been reported at Pingle bridge. Skimmers, tench, roach, perch and rudd have all shown in catches reported. Whip, pole and tip have all been rewarding.

Crooked Chimney-Neepes: skimmers, roach, perch, and the odd bream have all shown to both the tip and pole. Caster, maggot, worm, hemp and Tares have all been used with success as a hook bait.

Jacks have also started to show on lures.

Magdalen High Road-Peters-Peppers is by far the busiest and most rewarding stretch, 13 metre pole line and the margin have been the more rewarding areas to catch a mixed bag.

Tench to 5lb, skimmers, roach, perch and bream have all shown in catches. Hemp and Tares have been very rewarding as have caster, maggot and worm pieces.

Relief Channel: Pike to 14lb, and Zander to 8lb have been reported on dead baits.

Springside: Quality carp to 16lb showing on carp style feeder tactics, when offering a bright coloured boillie.

Luncheon meat and corn have also been rewarding when targeting the carp.

Roach and rudd also show well on the waggler, whip and pole.

Caster and maggot have been the better baits to select the silvers.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake, continues to fish very well, with plenty of carp showing. Biggest carp reported this week has been to 15lb. Method feeder in open water has been as rewarding as to fishing tight to the island. Pellet and luncheon meat have been the more dominant baits to entice the carp into feeding.

Queen’s Lake: Mixed bags of bream are still being recorded, bream between 3-5 lb have again been showing to bream-style feeder tactics. Maggot and worm are the favoured baits to target the bream.

Quality skimmers, roach and rudd have been showing on the waggler and pole when offering maggot on the hook.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp to 13lb have been showing to the carp anglers. Carp style method feeders have been rewarding when presenting either a pellet or boillie on the hook.

Tottenhill: Carp and bream both show well. Method feeder and pole both find the feeding fish. Carp to 14lb 4 oz, and bream 4lb are showing on corn, pellet, bread and meat.

Match News

Middle Level hosted the Eastern Region Shield on Sunday between the High Road and Peppers stretch and 66 anglers turned out for the 11 teams taking part.

Results: 1st place Andy Spencer 8.3 kilo, Sensas Mark One Red, 2 Jack Adamant 7.140 kilo, Sensas Mark One Red, 3 Roger Clutton 6.500 kilo, Maverick Milton Keynes, 4 Jon Price 5.040 kilo, Sensas Mark One White, 5 Liam Darlar 4.600 kilo, Browning Hot Rods. Team champions were Sensas Mark One.


Sunday, October 9 at Tottenhill. Draw 8.30am fish 10-3pm, £10 all-in.

To book a place contact Ian Hoddy 07825162206.