Middleton Hall Seniors retake Humid Trophy after beating Hunstanton

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Overall winners Middleton Hall Golf Club seniors were hot stuff when they entertained Hunstanton Golf Club seniors in the second leg of the annual friendly competition for the Humid Trophy.

Last year saw the seniors at Hunstanton taking the trophy, so a close competition was expected this year.



The first leg played at Hunstanton on May 3 saw the teams finishing level with both winning three matches each.

The second leg at MHGC was played in a friendly spirit in good golfing weather with Middleton Hall coming out on top and regaining the trophy.

Match details (Middleton Hall names first): Bob Gamble, Dave Thompson v Chris Smith, Tony Best won 7&5; John Burdett, Iain MacDuff v James Drake, Simon Coates won 3 &1; Roger Smith, Barry Fox v David Bingham, Andrew Johnston won 4&3; Deric Prior, John O’Neil v David West, John Green won 2&1; Chris Moore, Malcolm Garrod v George Morton, Clive Sheward won 5&3; Tim Boldero, Stephen Thompson v Donald Williams, Colin Page won 4&2.

Other Middleton Hall Golf Club results.

MHGC Seniors Section

Seniors Medal (05/06/2017)

Division 1: 1 Paul Rushbrook 85-17c=68, 2 Roy Bennett 87-18c=69, 3 Roy Gladman 91-20c=71.

Division 2: 1 Douglas Berwick 89-22c=67, 2 Michael Jay 95-25c=70, 3 Ray Brown 95-24c=71.

MHGC v Ryston Park GC Wednesday, May 31 (Middleton Hall names first): Bob Gamble, Iain MacDuff v Graham Child, Robin Huggins Won 8 & 6; Chris Hudson, Roy Gladman v Dave Hannaford, Graham Kingham Won 3 & 2; Roger Smith, Malcolm Garrod v Pat Holman, Brian Parker Halved; Eric Horrell, Horace Henry v Mike Brown, Colin Waters Lost 3 & 2; Chris Shipp, Alan Finch v John Venni, Ted Filby Lost 4 & 3; Mike Calvert, Nigel Hawkins v Barry Marks, Colin Dye Won 1 up.