Modney Bridge full of roach and skimmers

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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This week has seen fewer people on the banks, as conditions haven’t favoured the anglers but fish have still shown on Ten Mile Bank.

Still waters have been showing some steady form despite the dip in temperatures and gusty winds.

Springside: A few anglers have been on the bank, carp to 8lb have fed on scaled down carp tactics. Roach and rudd have also been feeding well on the pole line and whip. Maggot/ pinkies have been rewarding when targeting the silvers.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Surprisingly this lake has continued to show very good form, like it has all year.

Although temperatures are dipping the carp are still feeding. Island work on the bomb with single small baits like 4mm pellets have still been attracting the carp. Bonus quality roach are also on the feed when targeted.

Pole and waggler are being used to target the roach when presenting either pinkie or maggot as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp are still showing on this lake too, carp to 14lb have been reported on traditional carp style tactics but using smaller baits. Carp of 12lb and 10lb have also been recorded.

Bream have also been showing well during the last seven days, cage feeder and waggler have been used with success. Caster and maggot has been very rewarding for the bream. Roach and rudd have also fed strongly when targeted, whip, pole and waggler all producing solid catches when fished at 3-7 metres away from the bank.

Ten Mile Bank: Plenty of predator anglers around during the last seven days, only a handful of jacks recorded on spinners and lures.

Modney Bridge-The Chapel has been showing roach, perch, skimmers and the odd bream all on the feeder line. Flows have still been difficult to present a bait on the pole line but as the flows eased during the later stages of the week a few fish were recorded. Tip has been the preferred method with some decent mixed catches showing. Top baits have been caster, maggot and pinkie.

Brown’s Farm-Railway Bridge on the bend has seen anglers finding a few quality roach on the tip.

Maggot and caster is the more preferable bait.

Relief Channel has again drawn in predator anglers in search of a big pike, sadly only jacks to 5lb have shown, on lures and shads.

Old Bedford has shown the odd pike to 8lb when spinning.

Match News

KLAA Christmas Open Match: Sunday, Ten Mile Bank, Modney Bridge-Chapel stretch.

Draw EA car park at Denver 8.30am. Fish 10am-3pm, £10 all-in.

To book a place contact Darrell Watkin 07801028085.


KLAA has reduced ticket prices from December 1 until the end of the season. A silver ticket can be purchased for £30 whilst a river ticket can be purchased for £20.