National singles win

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The Fakenham Gallow Bowls men’s ‘A’ team away to Norfolk Bowling Club ‘A’ lost by 62 shots to 85, 1 point to 6.

Rink scores: D Bix, J Wells, D Vaughan, R Mason 20-14, D Taney, M Leverett, D Cawthorne, S King 16-23, D Smerdon, A Stewart, M Starkey, M King 17-24, S Harrington, L Leverett, L Seppings, M Riches 9-24.

The ‘B’ team, playing at home to Lakeside ‘B’, lost by 66 shots to 78, 2 points to 5.

Rink scores: A Coughlin, I Cawthorne, A Hunter, B Barnes 12-22. I Routh, A Pearson, P Rayner, F Hazel 22-21. J Tucker, S Wilkinson, B Hunter, K Mallett 2-22. R High, D Thody, B Dickinson, S Sole 23-13.

In the Egham Trophy, Gallow beat Wymondham Dell by 119 shots to 69.

Scores at Gallow: D Broom, S King, M Riches, M King 36-17. I Lambert, P Whitehead, D Vaughan, R Mason 43-15. At Wymondham: C Lincoln, M Bowyer, S Savory, M Starkey 24-18. A Leverett, M Leverett, D Cawthorne, S King 16-19.

In the EIBA national under 15’s singles tournament, Shannon Tucker won by 11.5 points to 0.5 point, and Nicole Moseley won through her match by winning both sets finishing 2-0 on points. Both now progress through to the round robin stage.