New classes at Heacham annual horse show

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Heacham’s annual horse show brought out riders of all ages for a weekend of competition and fun.

The organisers had introduced some new classes into the mix this year with an elementary test added for the dressage competitors and a fun ‘horse and hound’ show jumping class, in which a course had to be jumped on a pony and then jumped on foot alongside a dog. This had spectators cheering from the edge of the ring.



The Allen and Page feed company was at the show to recommend feeds and give free advice and also help judge the condition class which helps raise money for Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Saturday’s results. Dressage:

Intro B: 1 Oliver Fuller (Pebbles), 2 Olivia Fane (Captain Jack), 3 Arthur Loose (Skye).

Prelim 2: 1 Lucy Fuller (Sparky) 2 Olivia Hardingham (Flash), 3 Becca Mason on (Whitley Village Golden Arrow).

Prelim 17: 1 Lucy Fuller (Sparky).

Novice 28: 1 Mollie Rix (Titanic), 2 Daniella Shea (Posh Nosh), 3 Lucy Fuller (Sparky).

Elementary 42: 1 Mollie Rix (Titanic), 2 Emma West (Morse Code).

In-Hand Showing:

Junior handler: 1 Josie-Belle Watts (Lakehead Double E), 2 Arthur Loose (Skye), 3 Erin Daniels (Copper). Senior Handler: 1 Amy Walton (Hafdre Black Star), 2 Julie Betts (Little One), 3 Gary Castleton (Magic).

Mountain and Moorland: 1 Rosie Burkitt (Julmar Soleman), 2 Laura King (Derry Lindon), 3 Jasmine Skerritt (Tonto).

Coloured: 1 Mollie Charnley (Mr Darcy), 2 Kate Cross (Vesuvia).

Cob type: 1 Mollie Rix (Jay), 2 Hannah Mathias (Sunni), 3 Margret Rose (Fine and Dandy). Hunter type: 1 Lynne Griffin (Merry), 2 Mari Cross (Daisy), 3 Mollie Charnley (Mr Darcy). Veteran: 1 Lynne Griffin (Merry), 2 Laura King (Caleraux Apollo), 3 Hannah Mathias (Sunni). In-Hand Champion: Lynne Griffin (Merry). Reserve Champion: Laura King (Caleraux Apollo).

Ridden Showing:

Tack and Turnout: 1 Oliver Fuller (Pebbles), 2 Lucy Fuller (Sparky), 3 William Witton (Bubbly Jubbly). Novice Showing: 1 William Witton (Bubbly Jubbly). Coloured: 1 Poppy St Lawrence (Grace), 2 Sarah Whitehand (Chelsea Girl). 3 Emma West (Morse Code). Non-coloured: 1 Mollie Rix (Jay), 2 Oliver Fuller (Pebbles), 3 Arthur Loose (Skye).

Family horse/pony: 1 Riio Glossop (Alfie Moon), 2 Oliver Fuller (Pebbles), 3 Suzanne Yates (Hot Toddy).

Cob type: 1 Sarah Whitehand (Chelsea Girl), 2 Mollie Rix (Jay), 3 Riio Glossop (Alfie Moon).

Mountain and moorland: 1 Josie-Belle Watts (Deri Lydon), 2 Jasmine Skerritt (Tonto), 3 Niamh Kirby-Jones (Crystal).

Working hunter: 1 Poppy St Lawrence (Grace), joint 2 Mari Cross (Daisy) and Emma West (Morse Code), 3 Becca Mason (Whitley Village Golden Arrow).

Veteran: 1 Daniella Shea (Posh Nosh), 2 Oliver Fuller (Pebbles), 3 Laura King (Caleraux Apollo). Equitation: 1 Ellie Mendham (Barney), 2 Mollie Rix (Maverick), 3 Daniella Shea (Posh Nosh).

Ridden Showing Champion: Poppy St Lawrence (Grace). Ridden Showing Reserve: Emma West (Morse Code).

Sunday’s Results.

Fun Showing:

Fancy dress: 1 Lilly Edenborough (Harvey), joint 2 Daniels Family (Copper) and

Evie Wright-Tompson (Sophie).

Thelwell type: 1 Poppy Whyman-Naveh (Broadspring Topaz), 2 Indie Whyman-Naveh (Thrandeston Moonrush), 3 Evie Wright-Tompson (Sophie).

Prettiest mare:1 Archie Kendle (Dizzy), 2 Ethan Newton-Walters (Treacle), 3 Niamh Kirby-Jones (Crystal).

Most handsome gelding: 1 Mayzee Glossop (Alfie), joint 2 Mollie Blackburn (Charlie) and Sarah Rust (Jasper).

Cheekiest face: 1 Archie Kendle (Billy), 2 Millie Tagg (Blaze), 3 Lewie Evans (Hamish).

Handler: 1 Magan Cooper (Treacle), 2 Catherine Thorpe (Bintree Beetle), 3 Poppy Whyman-Naveh (Broadspring Topaz).

Golden oldie: 1 Lilly Edenborough (Harvey), 2 Millie Tagg (Blaze), 3 Mylea Glossop (Cocoa).

Gorgeous groom: 1 Megan Cooper (Treacle), 2 Catherine Thorpe (Bintree Beetle),

3 Rosie Castleton (Magic).

Best condition: 1 Louisa Long (Golden Opportunity), 2 Amba Bowley (Barney), 3 Rosie Castleton (Magic).

Fun Showing Champion: Mayzee Glossop(Alfie).

Fun Showing Reserve: Catherine Thorpe (Bintree Beetle).

Main ring showjumping:

Horse and Hound challenge: 1 Millie Tagg (Blaze), 2 Olivia Fane (Captain Jack & Sasha),

3 Beth Cooper (Rambo & Arthur).

50cm: 1 Katie Missin (Harry), 2 Laura King (Rosie Rocket), 3 Sam Harvey (Buddy).

60cm (14.2hh & under): 1 Sam Harvey (Flash), 2 Katie Missin (Harry), 3 Rosie Burkitt (Magpie). 60cm (14.3hh & over): 1 Mari Cross (Daisy), 2 Becca Mason (Whitley Village Golden Arrow), 3 Sam Harvey (Buddy). 70cm (14.2hh & under): 1 Ryleigh Kendle (Penny), 2 Olivia Hardingham (Flash), 3 Laura King (Merlin). 70cm (14.3hh & over): 1 Mari Cross (Daisy), 2 Jasmine Page (Barney), 3 Sam Harvey (Buddy).

80cm: 1 Olivia Hardingham (Flash), 2 Cody Gannon (Blackie), 3 Laura King (Merlin).

90cm: 1Rhyleigh Kendle (Dun ‘n’ Dusted), 2 Cody Gannon (Blackie), 3 Emma West (Morse Code).

Small ring jumping:

15cm lead rein: 1 Mayzee Glossop (Alfie), 2 Lilly Edenborough (Harvey), 3 Jasmine Skerritt (Tonto).

15cm off lead rein: 1 Zak Elmer (There is only one), 2 Amba Bowley (Barney)

30cm lead rein: 1 Lilly Edenborough (Harvey), 2 Sienna Fellowes (Poppy), 3 Jasmine Skerrit (Tonto).

30cm off lead rein: 1 Oliver Fuller (Pebbles), 2 Mollie Skerrit (Sox), 3 Zak Elmer (There is only one).

Gymkhana Overall Winners:

Lead rein: Chloe Rumens (Magic). 10yrs and under: Millie Tagg (Blaze). Over 11s: Ellie Brewer (Sonnet).