Pelicans Bury leading opponents

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Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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Pelicans 2nds 4

Bury St. Edmunds 1sts 2

What a way to start the New Year for Pelicans by beating a Bury first team.

The Seconds have looked like a quality side in their last six league games since there has been some consistency in the side.

Earlier in the season Bury had brought to an end the side’s unbeaten 26 game run when Pelicans travelled away missing a goalie and a regular centre midfield. Saturday was sweet revenge.

That Pelicans thought they could win against top of the table, unbeaten Bury shows the great atmosphere in the side. It was unfortunate then that Pelicans gifted Bury a goal after 10 minutes.

However, afterwards the defence looked solid with Matt Taylor calling the shots and putting in some strong low tackles and great interceptions. Likewise Stuart Olley was on fire and in fine gladiatorial form. Any attacker who thinks they can round Olley on the reverse obviously hasn’t seen him play before – sweet picks and then the surging forward.

Iain Page at left back offers great quality and composure. He was often the outlet at defensive 16 yard hits where he hit, deflected and aerialled the ball to the midfield.

JV Vinson too looked in control of his opposite number and ventured forward at every opportunity as did John Lemon. It was from this platform that the players in front built the pressure.

The first goal came from four simple passes – Taylor left to Page, Page to Hoare, Hoare inside to Olley, Olley through to Corbett’s lateral run, Corbett’s sweet shot coming for Josh Widdowson to finish.

From here Pelicans were in the ascendancy. The second came not long after when Olley won a free hit near the top of the D. He switched the ball left to Page who belted the ball in. As usual Corbett moved into the right place and neatly deflected the ball under the keeper. It was rolling gently when Sam Kent finished it off.

The rest of the half saw good work from Edward Brown in midfield. As usual he retained the ball well under pressure.

Sam Kent and Ash Corbett had great games and caused the Bury defence all sorts of problems as did the skilful Marcus Hall from right midfield. However it was Josh Widdowson who again struck fear into the opposition. Yes he is fast, but it is more than that. He can keep control of the ball while rounding a succession of players at full speed.

Olley and Page offered a sound half-time talk and Pelicans started the second half better. Nick Henry came on in his first game of the season back from injury and looked on form.

Pelicans started to thread a few simple passes together and that is when they look their best. Bury too caused a few problems.

Pelicans scored first though. Widdowson picked up the ball in midfield and drove forward with another angled run. He found Kent who then picked out Corbett on the right who struck it underneath the keeper again.

Some legs were tiring and in a disorganised moment Bury slap-hit a fine goal into the roof of the net.

Strangely with 10 minutes to go Pelicans still looked composed. Widdowson again picked the ball up, drove wide right around three players at speed, looked up and smacked the ball left across to Sam Kent who slapped the ball first time past the keeper for a well deserved goal after going close with three previous attempts.

MoM: Josh Widdowson. Scorers: Widdowson, Sam Kent 2, Ash Corbett.