Perfect Ouse Valley League opener game by Lott and Hinks

OUSE open
OUSE open
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The Ouse Valley Badminton League held its first Ouse Open of the new era on Saturday.

The day, organised by chairman Gary Buckby, secretary Emma Littler and with the help of Helen Arnold, was well attended in all categories and was open to all.

The men’s competition had 13 pairs enter, and it was nice to see some new faces.

Each pairing played 12 games to 13 on a ‘round robin’ basis. With a maximum of 156 points available, all bar two pairs scored above 100.

The winners were Jordan Lott and Tom Hinks, not dropping a single point and finishing with 12 wins and 156 points. Second place went to Sean Lott and Ben Watts who lost two games but only finished five points off the pace. Third Tom High/Tom Davey, fourth Gary Buckby/Dan Bennett in the last prized spot.

In the ladies competition, as there were six pairs, each played each other twice to 17 points. Frankie Johnson/Sarah Jay finished fourth with Jeanette Ivey/Lorraine Rogers finishing third.

There was then a big gap in wins between third and second place with Moira Hough and Emma Littler winning three games more, however only gaining eight points more in those wins.

There was eight points difference again between second and first place with Rachel Ingham and Arnold winning nine of their 10 games, taking the maiden ladies trophy.

In the mixed competition in an attempt to mix everything up everyone played everyone again in a ‘round robin’ format instead of a traditional pooling system.

The pairs played to 11, which yielded some interesting results as mixed is a fast paced game and getting off to a bad start could lead to a big deficit to regain.

Jess Alder/Bennett came in fourth and Arnold/Richard Barker third. First and second place were tied on the same number of points, so this was decided on games won. Sean Lott/Ivey managed to win one more game than Hough/Cyril Francis.

Hopefully this will become an annual event.

Thank you to John Church who gave up his Saturday to keep score.

The league presentation meal will be held on Saturday, May 14.

If anyone is interested in playing badminton please go to for all the information on the teams and clubs which you can play at.