Plenty of roach and skimmers on show

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days has seen encouraging catches being recorded: Ten Mile, Tottenhill and Shepherds Port have all seen good ones reported.

Ten Mile Bank is a river of two halves, is the word on the bank. Whilst anglers have really struggled at the Denver-Wissey Mouth stretch, Wires-Modney Bridge has really come into good form.

Denver end has barely seen a fish caught, and the Modney stretch has seen catches to 60lb reported.

Roach catches alone have been recorded to 23lb all taken on the pole line. Tip anglers also benefit from the feeding fish with catches of 35lb and 60lb reported.

Bream to 6lb and tench to 6lb 8oz have shown in mixed bags reported. Pole anglers are reaping the rewards when presenting the right baits. Maggot, caster and seed baits have all been very rewarding.

Tip anglers are taking preference when feeding caster, maggot and worm.

John Russell memorial match, Sunday: £10, draw 8.30am EA car park at Denver. Fish 10am-3pm match stretch Modney Bridge. To book contact Darrell Watkin 07801028085.

Middle Level: Pingle bridge has been the only place on the Level to draw in a couple of anglers, where the odd roach has shown when presenting maggot on the whip.

Predator anglers have been searching for the specimens on the Level, some with great success.

One predator angler found two doubles on separate occasions, one of 27lb 8oz and a 20lb 2 oz pike the day after.

He had used Dead Sea baits to secure a glorious double.

Jacks have also been showing when presenting lures and shads. Relief Channel: Plenty of predator anglers are on the banks, pike to just over 10lb have reported, also many jacks.

Cut Off Channel: Dusk and nights have been producing a few jacks.

Tottenhill: Carp to 11lb 12oz have been reported when using carp style tactics. Pva bags or stringers have all been used into tempting the carp into feeding.

Bream to nearly 5lb have shown on the tip on a method feeder using a pellet as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Port. All three lakes have again produced plenty of form.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches are still being reported. Tip anglers fishing the bomb and pole anglers have been finding the feeding carp tight against the island and in the margins. Pole anglers targeting the roach have also been reaping the rewards with many roach to 1lb showing when presenting maggot on the hook.

Queens: Another good week for the bream with solid catches showing. Bream to 7lb have shown in an assortment of bream caught on both the tip and waggler.

Maggot, worm and castor have all been used to attract the skimmers and bream.

Shepherds Lake: Carp to 17lb continue to feed strongly, when using carp style methods, margins swims are also claiming a few of the carp searching for food.

Skimmers and bream are also showing during the last seven days. Cage feeder loaded with pellet and presenting pellet as a hook bait have been producing quality catches.

Roach and rudd are also feeding strongly on the whip and pole, when presenting maggot, pinkie, caster and hemp as a hook bait.