Plenty of sun draws King’s Lynn anglers to banks

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By Darren Reed

The last week has seen plenty of anglers around on both the lakes and the rivers, fish have shown on the lakes, and the banks of the two main rivers have been attracting anglers as catch rates start to improve.

Jackson, 10

Jackson, 10

Ten Mile Bank: Plenty of anglers around during the later stages of the week, bream to 4lb and skimmers have been reported between the Modney Bridge-Danby Drove stretch for anglers fishing the tip.

Denver-Railway Bridge has seen the lions share of anglers, 50lb nets are beginning to be reported. Bream to 4lb and skimmers nearing 2lb have been showing frequently during early morning sessions. Perch, tench to 3lb and roach have all been frequent feeders, when anglers have targeted them on the tip.

Relief Channel: Bream to 5lb being reported from tip anglers. Pike to 8lb also being reported.

Cut Off Channel, Stoke Ferry: Roach, perch and skimmers have been reported, tip and pole have been selecting the fish when maggot, caster and pinkie is used on the hook.

Middle Level, Pingle Bridge stretch: Roach, skimmers and tench to 3lb have been reported, tip and pole being used to get a few fish. Best baits have been maggot, pinkie and corn, also being reported a 8lb Zander taking a liking to a double maggot hook bait.

Crocked Chimney: Roach and perch showing on the pole line.

Neepes: Perch, roach, skimmers and the odd bream to 4lb all being reported in catches during the last seven days. Evenings and early mornings have been rewarding. Maggot, pinkie, caster and corn have been the more rewarding baits.

St Germans-Peters stretch: At last a few roach showing to the smaller baits, odd bream to 4lb 6oz, tench to 3lb, perch and skimmers. Pole line working between 7-10 metres but plenty of active jacks preying on the roach when retrieving. Corn, caster, pinkie, maggot and worm have all been used as a hook bait.

Springside continues to fish very well with carp to 13lb being reported this week, tench to 5lb have shown during late afternoon/evening sessions. Method feeder is the more rewarding method for the carp and tench. Silvers galore when targeted on the waggler and pole, maggot and caster have been very rewarding when targeting the silvers.

Shepherd’s Port, complex: All lakes fishing very well what ever your chosen species. Bear Lake continues to produce multiple catches, as Roy Barker has shown (pictured) during a recent outing on the lake. This 11lb mirror carp was Roy’s seventh fish in the morning session; his biggest of the day was a common to 16lb.

Adam Jackson, 10 years old, shows his 6lb common which he caught on Saturday (pictured).

Bream is showing well on Queen’s Lake supported by skimmers and roach.

Tip, waggler and pole have been very rewarding.

Shepherd’s Lake: A few carp to 11lb showing, roach and rudd showing on lighter tactics, odd bream also showing on the method feeder, carp tactics selecting the better carp.

Tottenhill’s seen a steady flow of anglers during the last seven days, carp to 14lb being reported, bream to 4lb 6oz also showing. All positive methods have been rewarding, multiple catches being recorded, surface fishing with bread has been rewarding.

Carp tactics, pole and waggler, and the straight ledger have all enjoyed success during the last week, corn, pellet, boillie, bread and luncheon meat have all been used.

KLAA open match Sunday, Middle Level. Meet at Peters Bridge Car park. Draw 8.30am, fish 10-3pm, £10 all in, to book a place contact Ian Hoddy on 07825162206.