Popular Heacham show has become a mane event

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Heacham annual horse show and gymkhana attracted a large number of competitors from a wide area.

Organisers said the 2015 show, which was staged in beautiful weather, was a great success and became its largest show yet since it had its highest number of entries since beginning in 2003.




Showjumping classes: 50cm, Olivia Hardingham (Mr Puddleduck); 60cm, 14.2hh and under, Mollie Rix (Merry); 60cm, 14.3hh and over, Pia Lake (Attyglen Stall); 70cm, 14.2hh and under, Abby Clark (Honey); 70cm, 14.3hh and over Cody Gannon (Blue Jeans); 80cm - Abby Clark (Honey); 90cm, Cody Gannon (Barney).

Ridden showing classes: Tack and turnout, Oliver Fuller (Pebbles); coloured, Claire Houghton (Alfie Moon); non-coloured, Claire Houghton (Hartlands Secret Weapon); family horse or pony, Finley Smith (Swinford Pip); cob type, Elizabeth Taylor (Albert); Mountain and moorland, Laura King (Kingsfield September Surprise); veteran, Ellie Mendham (Barney); equitation, Sophia Bassett (Johnnie); working hunter, Mollie Rix (Bailey-Cob); champion, Claire Houghton (Alfie Moon); reserve champion, Oliver Fuller (Pebbles).

Fun showing classes: Fancy dress, Kaiden Griffin and Cody Welch (Harry); Thelwell lookalike, Poppy Whyman-Naveh (Topaz); prettiest mare, Emily Herrington (Leyla); most handsome gelding, Amba Bowley (Yogi); cheekiest face, Millie Tag (Lou); handler, Erin Daniels (Peanut), golden oldie, and Redwings best condition, Venetia Joyce (Indigo); gorgeous groom, Charlotte Fuller (Pudding); champion, Elise Barber (Star); reserve champion, Charlotte Fuller (Pudding).

Dressage: Intro B, Oliver Fuller (Pebbles); prelim 7 Julie Wacey (Fizz); Prelim 14, Lucy Fuller (Sparky); novice 28 Charlotte Sanderson (Wren); champion, Danielle Shea (Posh Nosh); reserve champion, Lucy Fuller (Sparky).

Small ring jumping: 15cm and 30cm, Oliver Fuller (Pebbles); 40cm, Riley Kendall (Hatti); 30cm and 40cm, Millie Tag (Lou).

In-hand showing classes: Coloured, Mia Whittaker (Jack); Non-coloured, Paul Woodbine (Abby); cob-type, Lee Glossop (Hermits Ace of Diamonds); mountain and moorland, Laura King (Kingsfield September Surprise); hunter type, and veteran, Laura King (Caleraux Apollo); champion. Laura King (Kingsfield September Surprise); reserve champion, Amba Bowley (Yogi).

Gymkhana classes: lead rein class, Ethan Newton-Walters (Treacle); ten years and under, Millie Tag (Lou); 11 years and over, Mollie Rix (Mally).