Queen’s Lake in good bream form for King’s Lynn anglers

Andy Adams
Andy Adams
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King’s Lynn Angling


By Darren Reed

The last week has been affected by the strong winds on the Shepherd’s Port complex, but this hasn’t deterred the bream from feeding on Queen’s Lake.

Springside: Tench to 5lb are continuously showing to the baits that are being offered.

Carp to 15lb, also showing to the baits when offering a method feeder, both carp and match style working well when presenting either corn, pellet or a boillie on the hook.

Silver fish are also showing very well when targeted on the whip, pole or waggler when using maggot or caster as a hook bait when fished at either dead depth or up in the water.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Multiple catches continue to be reported throughout the whole lake, the carp have been feeding aggressively all over the lakes, and have been showing in open water.

Method feeder still provides the better catch rates although the pole has also scored well when targeting the carp.

Pellet has again been the best bait for the carp, but odd carp have shown on corn and meat. Roach and rudd have also been showing to anglers when targeted whilst presenting pinkie or maggot on the hook.

Queen’s Lake: Probably showing its best form for a long while, with bream catches over 60lb being recorded.

Bream to 8lb are frequently showing on the feed that has been used, conventional bream style tactics have been very rewarding when targeting the bream.

Worm,caster and maggot have been the baits used to entice the fish into feeding.

Skimmers to 2lb, quality roach and rudd have also shown closer in on the pole line and waggler when offering maggot as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: A slight slow down during the last seven days, but the odd carp and bream have still shown to the baits that have been presented.

Carp to 12lb have shown on both the match style method feeder and carp style feeders, when offering either pellet or boillie s as a hook bait. Bream to 5lb have also shown on bream tactics when presenting maggot on the hook.

Roach and rudd are showing when targeted, on the whip and waggler, odd tench to 3lb also showing around the island end of the lake.

Tottenhill: Carp and bream are showing on both the pole and tip.

Townsend Lakes Fishery open, Sunday, at the Woodpecker Pool: 1 Andy Adams – peg 9 – 130lb – pellet shallow; 2 Colin Begbie – peg 16 – 109lb – long pole and meat on the deck; 3 Sam Hawkes – peg 18 – 103lb 8oz – pole and pellet; 4 Trevor Haycock – peg 11 – 95lb – in margins.