Queen’s Lake steals limelight for King’s Lynn bream hauls

MLNF Nar Mark Roberts 25lb common
MLNF Nar Mark Roberts 25lb common
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The last week has been disappointing for most anglers due to the nature of our weather, but for some conditions couldn’t have been better for those that ventured out onto Queen’s Lake in search of the bream.

Springside continues to be fishing very well with carp to 20lb being reported from the carp anglers fishing the lake.

Plenty of other carp are showing around the lake with all style method feeders producing the goods. Boillies, meat, pellet and corn were all very rewarding baits that have been used.

Odd tench to 4lb have also occasionally shown during late afternoon sessions. Roach and rudd have also been showing very well when targeted on the whip, pole and waggler.

Maggot and caster score well when fished as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Carp to 10lb have been showing all around the lake, when presenting pellet as a hook bait.

Multiple catches continue to be reported at any time of the day. Method feeder tactics still produce well but the pole anglers are now starting to get the better catch rates when presenting pellet or corn on the hook. Quality roach are also showing when offering maggot.

Queen’s Lake: Quality bream catches are continuously being reported. Average bream between 3-6lb are showing in the vast majority of catches, a few of the larger bream have also been showing to the feed that has been offered. Bream to just over 8lb have again been recorded. Traditional bream tactics have again produced the best catches when offering worm or maggot as a hook bait.

Skimmers, roach and rudd have also been showing on the whip, pole and waggler.

Shepherd’s Lake: Not many anglers around this week due to the weather conditions, but for some that did brave the weather the odd carp did make an appearance. Carp to 12lb have shown to carp style tactics when presenting boillie as a hook bait. Bream have also been showing when targeted, roach and rudd also showing on the waggler and pole line.

Maggot and caster have been the preferred bait.

Ken Hill: Roach and rudd have been showing on the waggler and whip. Odd tench to 3lb also putting in an appearance when offering corn or maggot.

Tottenhill: Bream to 5lb showing on the tip and pole, carp to 11lb showing on match style method feeders when offering corn or banded pellet as a hook bait.

l The new season opened at Nar Valley Fisheries on June 1 with the first 24 hours producing a few early fish.

The best fish so far from Lake Geneva was a 30lb Mirror carp, followed by a superb 25lb common carp (pictured) caught by Mark Roberts; a number of doubles and a few bream and tench were banked before the strong Northerly winds and torrential rain quietened sport on Wednesday and Thursday.

Fenn Lake also got off to a flying start in the first 24 hours with a number of mid-double figure carp topped by a 25lb Common. Mid-double figure carp are the main quarry in Willow Pool. A few permits are still available in the local tackle shops and for further information contact Chris on 01553 636507.